Hotpoint WMA30 bearing replacement- how to?

22 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
Anyone have any advice, guidance or a how to to replace the drum bearings on our Hotpoint WMA30. It's out of the 5 year parts warranty, i have obtained the rear drum section containing the bearings, and i'm going to start stripping down the washing machine tonight to replace it. I've never done a washing machine before but i'm a fully skilled mechinical engineer so i'm going to have a stab.

Any guidance of any sort, other than being told to get a professional in :) , would be appreciated!
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I used to work for hp, i admit things have changed but i an confused by your term "rear drum section"

could you post a pic of what you have or describe it more (posting a pic info is in forum information)

do you also have a new spider, and drump plate seal?
On the WMA you can either replace the bearings or replace the back half of the outer tub.
Did you get the full kit? You definitely need the tub seal as a minimum.
The whole front of the machine comes off to do the change. Take your time and note where you take all the parts off. You shouldn't have to disconnect any wiring, just move it out of the way.
It's a simple enough job, just time consuming.

Unplug your appliance before working on it.
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the back half of the tub including the bearings would be a better description.

I did about 75% of the job on friday night and finished it on sunday. Not too hard a job for the novice, but somewhat scary as you have to remove virutally every component from the main chassis to get the tub out. The only wiring i had to disconnect was that for the motor and for the element. Working out how the element came out was fun too! I also struggled to get the plasticv dowel pins out that hold the tub to the lower suspension units, but i got there in the end. Not only that i didn't have any bits left over, and it works now i've put it back together.

The shaft seemed to be virtually unmarked around the seal area, so i cleaned it upo with a scotchbrite pad so all discolouration had gone, and no leaks at this point.


Thanks for the comments.

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