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4 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
My drains have blocked up twice in th elast 2 weeks - I need to push 2 sets of drain rods down to clear the blockage - if they block again can i screw a 3rd set of rods on and push whatever seems to be blocking them all the way to the main sewer - does my drain just drop straight in or is there a trap or somethin that I may damage
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Really you should rod a blockage up the run, and not push it further down. You may make it worse by pushing it down further

There should also be a manhole in this run so that you don't have to use more than one set of rods

The risk is that the more rods you use the greater the chance of them snapping or untwisting and then you will be stuffed.

Is all this run on your property, if not the neighbours from down the run should be contributing

The drain will normally just tee into the main sewer, but you never know.
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I am having a similar problem, my pipe runs into my neighbour's and hers runs into a manhole and from there to the main sewer we think two or three others join before it gets to the road drain, but can we get plans? no way pedro.

All we can get is the street sewer plans and not actual house plans, the other neighbours have all paved there back gardens and you can bet there is another manhole under there somewhere. I only have one set of rods and from my neighbours manhole they definatley clear past her garden so the block is occurring after that point.

What do we do? our part has no blockage. Who is responsible for the cost of getting someone to clear it, I guess we need dynorod or similar to blast back from the main sewer. I am more than happy to share the cost of getting it put right as is my neighbour but because we do not know where the pipe runs or whos property connects to it we are stuffed for approaching anyone. More so because they are reluctant to dig up there patios!

The houses were built in the 80s so I would have thought there would be plans. Been to the libray, the water authority etc. But all have the street plan only.

Anyone have an idea how we can find out where the pipes run.
Try your local building control office. They should have the plans from back then on microfiche; it will take you a while to hunt them out and you can't take copies, only notes, but it should at least give you an idea of what was intended.

Alternatively, if you know who the architects for the site were, you could approach them.
That could be worth a try thanks.

Today I called out a sewer man and he managed 30 meters of hose before it cleared and he confirmed one thing I suspected the drain is in the wrong way round! but its been wrong over twenty five years so I guess its not a major problem.

The neighbours are the problem!! they don't want to know because its not affecting them (as far as they know) its suspected the problem may lay with the house that had a monstrous conservatory built. They would have had to move the sewer pipe or bridge it. From my estimation 30 meters reaches his garden. May be coincidence but thats when our problems started.

Not sure what to do, my neighbour and myself can't keep picking up the tab to get it unblocked, but as we are end of the line, we can't leave it.

I suppose the next step could be cctv inspection. :cry:

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