How Are You Managing Food-Wise?

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Was reading an article on line about flour. There is no shortage of it, but the reason why it's not on our shelves is that the market is set up to sell most of it to commercial bakers, not to retail. So they can only bag a certain retail quantity before running out of packaging. They are working on it, though.
That's costing me quite a bit, because SWMBO is very kindly buying them stuff, but using my card and refusing to take money from people :(
That is the sweetest and kindest of gestures! Well done her!
Edit: And you!
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Pizza more often than before.
Not just because other foods are harder to get but because we are more tired than before due to all the extra work and concentration needed with all this carp.
I had soup at lunchtime today, first time in years.
Must admit I liked it.
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My son just phoned me to say he and his partner just had Fish Fingers and crisps for supper as they are not going out shopping .They just raided the freezer and larder
At least this corona virus will help with the obesity problem in this country
At least this corona virus will help with the obesity problem in this country
Certainly is - being obese is one of the at risk things and should stay indoors completely.

I hope they at least had the stuff for a fishfinger and crisp sarnie? :)
We bought some steak at our local Chinese mini mart. When I cooked it, it was as tough as old boots. I phoned up to complain and I told the owner that the steak that I had just bought from him was rubbery. He said "Ah, frank you vely much".
If you have some cheap tough cuts of meat, make a stew in a slow cooker and cook it for anything between 24 and 48 hours. Then it'll be tender as anything!

My own recipe is:

Fry off a couple of onions red and white if you have them with some garlic, bung in the slow cooker with a mixture of uncooked diced celery, potato, sweet potato and carrot. Add a tin of chopped toms and stock to cover. Coat the diced meat (I usually use lamb or beef) in plain flour, brown off and add it to the slow cooker.

There is such a variety you can make by altering what herbs and spices you add. You could do a herby stew with dumplings (put them in later in the cooking process) or make a spicy stew by adding curry powder and ginger.

My slow cooker is a Tefal that does not have any adjustable heat settings, so I just leave the food in for that 24-48 hour period. Yours may well be different, so you may have to adjust the cooking times accordingly.
I must say I fancy one now!
Trouble is, we ain't got no bread or flour...:(
Listening to you lot, I'm just happy we went on a panic buying spree
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