How bad could it have been?

hmm this is where i managed to clear up where people get mislead by the fact where 'its not the volts that kill, its the current'

so i lick my fingers and place both hands across the terminals of a 12v car battery capable of delivering thousands of amps, and nothing happens, dont feel a thing. I then get him (person im explaining to) to do the same then i say 'stick your fingers in a 6 amp light socket'.

he almost did aswell! Thats when i explained the more volts, the more shock you would get hence V/R(skin resistance) - I (amps)
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hi, just wondering really, i've been shocked twice in my life, once when i was about 13 and decided to see how a 4 way extension lead worked, i took the plastic casing off plugged in my tv and touched the live metal inside, it gave me one hell of a shock

Takes me back a bit...
First elec shock I got I think I was 7 or 8. Parents gave me a battery & some wire and some bulbs/bulbholders (IIRC, it was to go on top of a model lighthouse). Looked nice but I wanted the bulb to glow brigher so I wired the bulb to a 3-pin plug. I got a belt just touching the insulated wires (which of course I know *now* is cos they were only low volt rated). I was shaking for minutes & convinced I was gonna die !

Anyway, long story short I taught me to respect electricity [and make sure things are OFF first]

(just realised that I've NEVER told ANYONE about that.... good job my parents dont use the net)

[2nd shock was caused by careless use of screwdriver near a TV's line output transformer whilst working for a TV manufacturer... that REALLY hurt]

Back on the comments about hand-to-hand being worse etc, I have a vaugue memory of a science teacher once saying that a shock through your left hand to ground is worse than right hand to ground because L/H is more directly via the heart. Sometimes wondered if that was just twaddle .. both are pretty bad and I've never really wanted to test the theory.

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