How do I uninstall a Yale HSA6400 domestic alarm system

23 Sep 2012
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United Kingdom
I had installed the Yale 6400 system at my property about 6/7 years ago. I now wish to remove it entirely without the Siren alarm or the control panel alarm triggering. In the interim period before I get a new system, I would like to leave the Siren unit on the external wall minus the batteries as a deterrent.
The guide mentions about replacing/changing the batteries (but not just removing the batteries) in the Siren by disabling the siren tamper. This however will automatically arm again after one hour. What I am concerned about is the alarm on both the siren and control unit setting off once the battries are removed and the siren tamper automatically arms (after the one hour period).
Also how do I disarm the control panel. Presumably there is some sort of tamper detection which will trigger the control panel alarm should I try to dismantle it from the wall.
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No power it cant function, you should be able to put it into engineering or some sort of service mode?

Don't install Yale, but believe the end user has the code to change all the settings?
Thanks secuireiam for your response. I understand your point with respect to the siren unit that it will not alarm if the battery/power is removed. However the control panel unit has an inbuilt battery. What I am concerned, if trying to prise the control panel off the wall this will trigger the internal control panel alarm which runs off both mains and internal battery power. It is very loud and quite intimidating
you can only follow the installation manual for guidance.

my understanding this is a diy panel with the instructions aimed at end user install.

in the instructions there should be advice on how to change the batteries by placing in a service or installation mode?
whilst in that mode you should be able to remove all power.
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the siren will not cause the panel to sound. The siren is receive-only, it does not transmit.
Thanks JohnD. I understand about the siren. However, I am a bit concerned about the control panel decoupling it from the wall.
Not sure how to disable the tampering mechanism on it, if there is one.
There is an option to disable the control unit siren. I just wanted to know if anyone has done this before with a Yale house alarm as the control unit's siren can make such a deafenning/daunting sound (presumably a piezo alarm which requires very little battery power which it can derive from the internally rechargeable battery).
I am not sure if I disable this option, whether it will work not just for the warning indicator beeps but also for the control unit alarm.
I guess I will just have to wear ear muffs and try it.
once you have it off the wall, you can undo the hatch on the back and disconnect the standby battery. or, you can remove the rubber bung on the back and you will find the battery switch inside. IIRC the plug is grey rubber. I couldn't find the instructions for turning off Tamper.

If you unplug the power supply, the battery lasts for something like 8 - 12 hours before the panel starts to bleep. If not armed, I don't think it hoots.

I have replaced a standby battery in one of these, there are Yale branded ones but there is a rechargeable battery pack made for RC toy cars of the same voltage. Not called Tamagotchi or Tamya, but something like that.
a rechargeable battery pack made for RC toy cars of the same voltage.

Same voltage, but not the same duty cycle. Toy car batteries are designed for cyclic mode use, high current discharge and rapid re-charge. The back up batteries in alarm panels are trickle or float charging with low to medium discharge rates when mains power fails.
Thanks, when I'm ready to uninstall the alram system, I will first disconnect the external siren batteries following the recommended procedure. I then will select the option to disable the control unit siren, probably then disconnect the mains supply and allow ample time for the CU internal battery to discharge and then prise the CU off the wall (not forgetting to wear my ear muffs, just in case. Ha! ha!)

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