Yale Alarm HSA6400

18 May 2014
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United Kingdom

I have recently installed the above alarm, control box, siren, two PIR's, two door contacts and 4 fobs(4 button type).

Firstly, let me say I have set the door contacts to 'entry', exit and entry time to 30 secs. I have installed three alarm system recently (not HSA6400) so I am familiar with Yale alarms.

Here are the faults I am experiencing.

Arming the system, either fob or control panel, at the end of exit time the system arms, as shown on the control panel, but the siren does not sound (beep) or the led's flash.

The system can only be disarmed by the control panel. not a fob.

While armed triggering a door contact sounds the alarm immediately, not waiting for entry time.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Please let me know if you require further information.

Best regards
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Sounds like tje zone isnt programmed properly.

if its an entry door it should be programmed as entry exit, that would start the timer

not familar with these what does it say in log about whats been activated
Thanks Hoover for the reply.

I am not sure what you mean by tje zone.

As I said in my blog, the door contact is programmed as entry, with a 30 sec. count down, but the external siren sounds immediately the door is opened.

The log simply says alarm triggered by zone 04, which is front door.

Best regards,
sorry typo tje = the on mobile at the time, I would check that zone 4 is entry exit.

normally security panels are set zone 1 e/e, zone 2 walk through and the rest guard, default values, and you would have to change these in an engineers programing mode to be different.

so when you look at zone 4 what is the programing.

what device is on zone 1 and what is on zone 4, try triggering zone 1 after the alarm is set does the entry start?
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Zone 4 in front door, set to entry.

Zone 3 is back door, set to entry, but I have not tried this to see if it triggers alarm immediately like the front door.

Zones 1, 2 and 5 are PIR set to burglar and they trigger alarm immediately.

Zone 6.7, 8 and 9 are key fobs.

When the system is armed, at the end on the exit period, the siren does not beep, is this a clue to the problem. It also does not beep when the system is disarmed from the control unit.

It sounds like you've not programmed something correctly somewhere.
Hi Tronjob,

I guess you are correct!!!

I am hoping someone can tell me my error.

I have installed several systems, but have never had any problems.

The system can only be disarmed by the control panel. not a fob.

This is normal. The fob only disarms the system when the alarm is in 'home armed' mode.

Presume this is a safety feature so someone can't just steal a fob and disarm your alarm.

I have two fobs and never use either, only part of the alarm I regret buying!

Arming the system, either fob or control panel, at the end of exit time the system arms, as shown on the control panel, but the siren does not sound (beep) or the led's flash.

Are you talking the external siren? If so this is normal behaviour too as far as I am aware - mine certainly doesn't do this anyway. I'll check the manual incase I've not had it working properly for the last 18 months!

The LEDs definitely don't (and shouldn't on this alarm) flash when it's armed.
Hi All,

Thanks for the replies.

It seems strange that the system can not be disarmed from the fob, I think this is not clear in the document and they should warn you when you purchase the system.

However, with the door contacts set to entry, the external siren should not sound immediately on entry, surely it should wait for the entry delay timeout.

An external alarm that sounds very time you enter your house is not acceptable.

I fitted a Yale Response about a year ago with no problems and it works as one would expect.

Arm/disarm from the control box or fob. Entry and exit delay before external alarm sounds. Perfect!!

I thing I will try Yale for assistance.

The alarm should not sound on entry, no. I have a door contact and a PIR both set in entry mode and they give me a 20 second countdown.

You can set how long the entry delay is and whether the internal siren beeps at you for this period. Maybe a good idea to check these settings?
Hi Tim84,

Thanks for the reply.

I have two door contacts set the entry and a delay of 20 secs.

I have not tried both doors, but the front door sounds the external alarm immediately upon opening.

We purchased four fobs though Screwfix, I am hoping these can be returned as thing their performance is not acceptable.

Put the alarm in 'walk test' mode then open the front door and see which contact name flashes up on the control panel - that will let you know if you've accidentally programmed the sensors incorrectly and therefore set a different one to entry than you thought.

As for the fobs, I made the same mistake in thinking it would be an easy way to disarm the alarm when carrying baby, dog, shopping etc. but no such luck. In hindsight I can see why they won't allow you to disarm with the fob as it's too easy for a burglar to get hold of it and disarm without knowing the pin code.
Hi Tim84

Thanks for your ideas.

I will have another look and check all my settings.

Unfortunately I installed this for a friend who lives 30 miles away.

That's life, a good turn never goes unpunished.


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