How Many Trickle Vents

7 Oct 2004
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United Kingdom

Just getting a quote for some replacement windows, all 2 pane, one opening and one fixed.

What’s recommended, 1 or 2 trickle vents.
Have seen some with just one on the opening window but should I be getting 2?

Many thanks
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One per room min. Large rooms obviously need more.

If you are steamy or fart a lot, the most possible.
Thanks, If you had the choose though would you go for 2. Is that preferable?
Yes. You can shut them when not needed. If you don't have them, you don't have the option.

I'm in favour of ventilation.
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1 or 2 vents?

Like JohnD said I am thinking 2 would be better

Many thanks


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Bit confused now, like JohnD says probably just go for 2 and can always shut on.

Hopefully it wont add much to the cost.

Many thanks
"Minimum" sometimes means "the least you can get away with, with luck."
Can they be put on the non opening window as well?. usually they are just on the opening one as well.
So is it possible to have one on the opener and one on the fixed side?
Will go back to the company but just want to be sure I know what I am talking about.

Apprently to have 2, I will need to have,
In order to have two, you will need a larger head and a packer so you dont loose the trickle vent and they can operate correctly.
Does this ok, correct and worth going for?

Yes, I'm assuming thats from the fabricator? What they mean is if you just go for one then it'll be fitted into the casement opener, if you want two then for symetry they'll put both in the frame head section but in order to do that they propose to use a slightly thicker pvc section usually found on door frames, they do this to give room for the vent, if they fitted them into the standard window section of frame theres a 99.9% probability the vents would be buried into the plaster

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