How much energy does a condensing boiler save? is it worth worrying about?

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Once Powerwall batteries drop in price, with others making them, a few do, they will be everywhere. New builds designed for them and solar PVs will be cheap to build over a PV retrofit.

Are you nearly ready to admit that they are not currently a good business proposition?

And in your optimistic dream, what price do you foresee?

How do you anticipate they will be charged?
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god, you're thick.

what is the cost, including installation, of (let's say) a 6kWh store (A)

what is the cost, including installation, of (let's say) a 4kW solar array (B)

Given that, in the UK, there is no significant generation from a domestic solar array for the 6 months of the year when energy need is highest:

How many days of a year will a household be able to store 6kWh of electricity? (C)

What is the cost of electricity per kWh? (D)

Let's suppose that the interest rate on a loan is 8%

and that the opportunity cost of money not invested elsewhere is 8%

and that the installation has a useful working life of 20 years, after which it is worthless scrap

Can your scheme generate a return of over 8% p.a., ON TOP OF returning the original cost (A) + (B), using a DCF rate of 8%, over a 20-year period?

No it can't.
I have no interest in watching long marketing material trying to sell me something I don't need or want.

Do you know what I spend on electricity per average summer day?

No, but I do.
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A Powerwall battery can be fitted in a hall cupboard in a flat.

From THIS Apparently there is only one "pod" in a PowerWall

There’s a cooling system built into the door and an exhaust system linking each pod to a vent on top of the steel enclosure (that will come into play later).

What is there that needs a vent ? Research needed before saying a PowerWall can be safely installed in a cupboard in a flat.
An Intergas gas boiler will last 25 years at least

Wouldn't surprise me, my old Worcester must be that and is working well.

So a new boiler every 25 years, say 20 years. How much is a boiler replacement? Say even a full system.

On the Tesla site, and widely, the install cost of a Powerwall is quoted as 10k (ish), with a ten year warranty. Say it lasts 15 years on a good day which depends on a number of factors.

PV panel install could be around 7k (ish).

Those are purely capital costs and ignore running and generating costs and overheads.

For ease of counting, make everything a 20 year replacement cycle.

How on earth does that remotely make financial sense currently?
A Powerwall battery is no more dangerous than a gas boiler. Gas blew up many blocks of flats.
You can go all electric and get rid of gas, by using a Powerwall, charges at night used during the day, or via PV panels. Electric UFH is cheap to install. It is the overall energy bill that matters.
Well what do you know, your second video from "Teslanomics says "not everyone should buy one" and "it might not make 100% financial [sense].
Of course. One working person in a flat, it makes no sense whatsoever to convert over to a Powerwall. Look at the Fully Charged vid. It makes sense in that application.

Some bozos here are saying they make no financial sense whatsoever, making out they are a con, etc, etc. As time goes on with batteries falling in price, in 5 years time they make very much economic sense probably in most applications.
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I recently asked a question in a different thread (one that 'hard-work' joined in with and which was locked by a moderator after 'hard-work' dragged it down to nothing more than petty, banal and juvenile squabbling.

The question was along the lines: why do so many threads go downhill when 'hard-work' enters the room?

As it happens there was another, consecutive, thread that he chipped in to - and that was locked at the same time too.

Both were sensible topics and the OPs of both was deprived of useful, sensible responses due to a barrage of intervention that invariably seems to cause friction. It's happened countless times yet all that happens is the moderators delete a couple of lines and lock the thread and that's that.

What an awful shame that people ask genuine questions or make helpful observations that are of value to the majority - and one contributor steps in and wrecks the affair.
I think the fact certain 'contributors' find the need to keep returning under different pseudonyms, says a lot. Then we have the very knowledgeable people referred to elsewhere, that have given up contributing to this forum as they are sick of the same people, thinly disguised under this weeks alias, bombarding threads with needless quotes, marketing material, insults and anything else they feel need to be able to shout down everyone else trying to make their point.
I couldn't agree more. And as I wrote....

Now I expect more idiots to come onto this thread. One does then the airhead sheep follow.
...and that happened.

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