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16 Oct 2010
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United Kingdom
I've considered getting a brand new bathroom in but think it could cost quite a bit of money, as in £3-4K.

Is it worth spending this if I will spend another 3-4 years here?

The house is worth probably around £150'000 (bought for £133) 2 years ago.

These are the pictures:

As you can see and also to point out to you:

- Window ledge is tiled and painted over and looks a bit shoddy - even if it was re-painted

- Toillet cistern is horrible and the inside of toilet is stained with limescale which I've tried removing with partial success

- Grout in the tile area of the shower area are really horrible and brown. Could I easily re-grout them myself and improve it?

- Bath is stained - don't know what it's made off, could it be iron? It's definitely not a light plastic kind of material

- There is a big concrete waste pipe coming out of toilet which isn't very nice

- toilet flooring squeaks like crazy when you walk on it

I'm TERRIBLE at DIY so I could probably cope with re-grouting, but could never replace a cistern, or flooring for example.

So it's really 3 options:

1) get whole new bathroom

2) get a person in to re-furb it (may not be realistic)

3) I just do a few very small things myself and it doesn't really look a huge amount better, just a bit fresher

I'm thinking ahead, particularly of re-sale, even though I know it's probably about 3 years away.

EDIT: I know I could improve it by removing all the toiletaries, I mean more structural and cosmetic, not just design issues.
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A nice bathroom is a huge selling point - or bargaining point, depending on how it is!
Consider hunting around for a bargain white bathroom suite with a close coupled loo - they can be had at amazing prices if you bide your time.
The tiles need to go, and any mess of the walls made good. Lose the vanity unit around the sink too.
A smart laminate floor, painted ceiling and large bright tiles will look smart and modern, and you need a shower screen rather than a curtain.
Simple, huh? Well it's a thinking point anyway, and I'm great at spending other peoples money.......let's know what you decide!
John :)
Thanks for the advice.

I think I'm set on a new bathroom. It's beyond drastic improvement. My downstairs cloakroom toilet/sink room needs sorted too.

So I may try to get both done by someone.

I feel more comfortable with a big, established company. However I can imagine it would cost more than an independent person.
It's one of those jobs that is very difficult to estimate, as so much can't be seen.
Just an example......the tiles may come off perfectly, or they may take the plaster too.....
The loo outlet may not match up with the proposed close coupled toilet.....
The floor below the existing bath may be damaged or bits missing......
All of this adds to the price and the time scale, but you need a contractor who can manage the job from start to finish.
It's not so bad if you have a second bathroom though!
John :)
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Great, never thought of all those things that could happen.

I will look about at Wickes, B&Q, etc... and other big bathroom people to see if they do good installation deals.
I did a refurb on my rental, materials cost £6-700 .
That's full height tile, new floor and ceiling, cheap suite from ebay, radiator and door. Similar size to what I see in your pics. Obviously you need to add the cost of installation [I did mine myself].

That looks lovely

I wish I had the skill to do that myself

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