How to remove marble hearth?

30 May 2012
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United Kingdom
I am in the process of removing a "pseudo fireplace" from our 1992 Bryant home.

I have removed the cheap mdf fireplace surround and the (composite?) marble back plate and am now left with the marble hearth (see pictures).

Instead of the hearth sticking out I would like an even floor so I can put furniture right next to the wall.

Any ideas on how to proceed? I am a complete DIY newbie...

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Should be able to lever it up, good chance it's set on a fake marble base plate.Or if you don't mind destroying it a wack with a lump hammer in the centre.
foxhole, thank you!

I have initially tried to just lift the marble plate, but even with two people it will not budge an inch. So it seems to be somehow bonded/glued to the material below?

Sorry if that is a naive question: but how (using which tools?) can I apply enough force to lever it without damaging the surrounding laminate?

I do not mind destroying it. If I go down that route, any tips on safety or how to protect the rest of the room? As I said: I am completely clueless regarding DIY. :oops:
Do you know what furniture is going there? Some pieces of furniture have a plint at the front and both sides but not at the back, so there is a space between the bottom of the furniture and the floor that might accommodate the heart.

I would try a brick chisel or masonry chisel and a lump hammer to remove it. Cover the laminate with something beforehand.
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Long wrecking bar, lever over wood block to spread load, should not damage laminate.The longer the lever the easier it will be.
Thank you to everyone who replied!

The hearth was indeed glued to the concrete below - but a gorilla bar did the job. :mrgreen:

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