How to send data signal from master socket to extension socket?

2 Nov 2018
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Apologies if a lot of this is pretty obvious, but my knowledge is fairly limited.

We just had a Master Socket 5c MK 4 fitted (downstairs) and unknown to us at the time it has filtered out the data signal to the extension socket (upstairs), where the router was previously connected to and we would like to be connected again.

On the master socket an orange and white wire plug into the A and B connections and a green and black wire go into the 2 and 5 connections (as shown in the photo below). I believe this green and black wire brings the phone signal to the extension socket. Note that all the wires mentioned come through the same cable (there is unconnected red, blue, grey and brown wire).


I also read that the A and B connection on the back of the faceplate is a data connection. As shown at the bottom of this pdf:

We don't want a phone signal in the extension socket, just a data signal for the broadband. Is it possible to swap the green and black wires from 2 and 5 to the A and B connections on the back of the faceplate and send data to the extension socket instead?
(I believe this is what this website is talking about doing? htps://

If it is applicable, the upstairs extension socket has older wiring, which I believe is as listed below:

Pin 2 is A (blue)
Pin 5 is B (orange)

Pin 3 is Bell wire (green)
Pin 4 is Earth wire (brown)

If moving the green and black wires in the master socket to the data connection on the back of the faceplate will carry the data signal to the extension will the extension socket need to be updated to a new one with a separate data socket? Or will the existing extension socket work, with or without a micro filter connecting to it?

Thanks a lot for your help.
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Hurry up and post in that section, I want to reply with:

Yes, moving to the terminals on the back of the faceplate will do it.
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I've already done it! Whether it has to be approved though like this post did I don't know?

And it will work!? Will I need to change the extension socket faceplate?

A follow-up question so I can better understand it. The orange/white and green/black pair of wires that come in are the drop cable. So I'm guessing the green/black pair will send the signal back out to the box outside and then back inside to the extension upstairs?

Thanks for the reply.
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No, don't move any wires on teh BACK of that socket - they are not yours to fiddle with.
IIRC on the faceplate (the xDSL service specific face plate) that plugs into that socket, there are another two terminals. You use a spare pair of wires (eg the green/white pair that's typically unused) to send the unfiltered signal to the extension socket. Ideally, you replace the phone socket with one having separate phone and "RJ11" sockets - connecting the filtered signal to the phone socket, and the unfiltered signal to the RJ11 socket. You then plug the router into the RJ11 socket without using a separate filter.
Otherwise, move the extension wiring to the terminals on the plug in faceplate and use a filter at the extension socket - it's an inferior way to do it, but it's more or less how most setups used to be connected.

Yes move them.
Should use the A B pins on the front.

Wire 2 should be B
Wire 5 should be A to confuse!

Won’t make any difference to a router though.

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