I need to build a wardrobe. Is it easy?

2 Mar 2008
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United Kingdom
Evening all

Our spare room will be filled up in June (!) and I need to sort out a wardrobe. It is a small room so there is now real space for a free standing wardrobe.

At the moment there is a built in cupboard with a swing door on the side (as seen below). What I want to do is somehow build a decent wardrobe out of with doors on the longer side (the right as you see it).

Sorry for the angle of the pics but the room is small so I couldn't get the camera back far enough!


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very unlikly to be cheaper than buying the several tools [jigsaw rouiter drill as examples] what are you skills level or what tools do you have :D :D
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I'm handy(ish). But better with the bigger tasks such as re-lanscaping the garden etc.

Tools I have at the minute: -


I'll take a look at the links, thanks.

Just fancied having a go myself as I was forecasting that a pro would charge 100s.
Does anybody have anything further to add?

this subject has been coverd in great detail before
the usual is 12 to18mm mdf and 2x2" planed timber with only the mdf showing with the doors closed

if you cant find any information i will talk you through it ;)
from the pic it looks like this is the room over the stairs? hence the raised base?
Thanks guys

ColJack - yes, it is. I've got a while to look at it as the spare room won't be 'filled' until June(ish). I know a good joiner locally and will probably ask him for a price. If there's a big difference I'll probably have a crack at it myself...
A wee word of warning foxholes; The frames fall apart on these Ikea glass wardrobe doors, the glass appears too heavy for the frame & the mitres with dowels start to open up. Which is a shame as they are great looking doors.
the general use of space like this is to build in the bed over the stairs and use the area under it for storage..
but as I presume it's a cot that's going in there then your way might be better...

do us a plan of the room and include dimensions, include door and window/s....
depends if you abuse them...............Well, I'm only in the wardrobe a couple of times a week, trying on the wife's dresses & frocks. Hardly abuse!

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