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31 Jan 2009
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United Kingdom
In the spare room of our house we are looking at putting some built wardrobes on one of the walls. The wife wants to use the room as a dressing room and the front of the wardrobes would have curtains not doors. What i want to know is it something a moderate diy person could do. Is it a case of a sub frame of 2" x 2" or whatever you guys think and then attach mdf to this. It will have different areas with clothes rails and then other bits with shelves. I assume that the side panels of mdf for each section would be attached at the roof and floor to the sub frame thats is screwed to ceiling and floor. Any tips advice etc would be great.
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12mm mdf is absolutly ideal for your purpose
no frame required only batton[1x1" 22x22mm] or[2x1 22x44mm] where the "face" meets the wall /roof/floor at right angles
assuming 12mm use no6 by 2" screws drill a 2" deep 3mm pilot hole avoid the 2" near the end screw every 6"-8" or so

use the pozi 2 driver bit as a countersink glue and screw
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What i am thinking with the wardrobes is that the wife does not want doors sheis having each part sectioned off with material to match her curtains. what i want to know is that B&Q sell the chipboard that has the white finish on it it and what i am not sure of is that where i have a side panel of the wardrobe, how do i fix this. Do i put a timber frame up first attached to the ceiling etc and then do i screw the chipboard to these timber frames. As i am not sure how i attach the side panles etc to make the sturdy. Hope you get what i mean.
18mm mdf then no frame required, 12mm is to thin to hold screws and will warp unless framed.Secure mdf with small brackets to wall, floor and ceiling, a shelf above head height will help keep rigid as would a short plinth above a low floor shelf.That way you have in effect constructed a free standing wardrobe and secured to walls,floor and ceiling.Last time I was in B&Q[they will cut to size for you] the 18mm mdf was cheaper than the 12mm due to the volume of sales as it's the most popular thickness and far stronger than chipboard.
common sence required here foxhole :LOL:
12mm mdf is perfect as long as long spans verticaly or horizontaly are supported by shelves fixed to the wall or a right angled peice to give an "L" which gives the edge strength

in this case it will be secured to the wall

if you predrill like i said use no6x2" screws you will get minimum delamination as long as you dont try and "ram" the screw in
remember a no6 screw only has around 3.5across the thread so on a 3mm drilled hole you only have the tread into material and not the shank

on the odd occasion where you get a bit off delamination remove screw fill hole/visible crack with glue clamp the screw area insert screw and leave for 2 to 4 hours to dry

i have made many a bit off furniture this way without any problems ;)
That's what I said, 12mm will warp without frame 18mm requires no frame and is cheaper, simples. ;) Who wants to spend 2-4hours fixing all the split mdf.?

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