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13 Aug 2007
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United Kingdom
hi, :D

i am making some built in wardrobes out of veneered mdf, the wardrobes are the length of the wall. I plan to make three separate wardrobes a then screw the wardrobes together, as you would do with say three kitchen units that sit next to each other.

The wardrobe will be made up of two sides, top and bottom (all 18mm veneered mdf), and a back (4mm mdf), all of which will be screwed together. Then i plan to screw battens to the two sides to support shelves.

I am not a chippy by trade and i have a few questions if you don't mind answering them. :oops:

1. To join the two sides, top, and bottom, is it just a case of screwing the mdf together butt joint style?

2. I have been advised to use 3.5 x 45mm screws to screw together the wardrobes, but i am finding it hard to get any so would it be ok to use say 4 x 45mm instead? or what other screws would you suggest?

3. What size battens should i use to support the shelves?

4. What size screws should i use to screw the shelves support battens to the sides?

5. As i am using veneered mdf oviously i don't want to paint the mdf, so it it a case of just sealing the exposed mdf edges? And what should i use to seal the mdf edges?

6. What would you advise for finishing off the exposed mdf edges, veneer or a hardwood trim? i am inclined to use a hardwood trim but you trade boys will know which is better to go for.

Sorry for so many questions but the materials are expensive i don't want to make a very costly mistake. :rolleyes:

All advice welcome
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heeelllooo steve toms and welcome :D :D :D

i use no6x1.5 or2" with a 3mm pilot hole for 12mm

or no8x2"[or 4.5x50mm] with a 3.5mm pilot hole for 18mm
avoid the last 2" if you can to avoid delamination

having said that you will finnish up with a row of screwholes to fill each side top and bottom
or a visible joint top and bottom

if you use buiscuts or dowels you wont have screwholes or a join top or bottom

you could also use blocks cam locks or a batton on each angle
Thanks for that. :D

I am just wondering weather imdf safe to for wardrobes in a kids bedroom? :confused:

mdf is 100% safe its only the dust thats dodgey don't let them loose with the router or circular saw unless they wear a dust mask :D ;)
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thanks again :D . I am quite surpirsed you understood my question with all the spelling mistakes :LOL: .

I forgot to ask what size biscuits sould i use?
What glue should i use?
Should i glue the rest of the butt joint where there is no biscuits?


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