I think Ive been scammed by Swann CCTV !

4 Feb 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi All, Help required please....

Yes I know we should all buy top quality products and that Swann are entry level systems but I've got it now and need some advice.

I bought a Swann CCTV kit costco - dvr8 - 3200 with 3 bullet cams and an external PTZ dome camera. The DVR failed and they promised a replacement. After 5 weeks it never arrived and support were useless. Eventually when I threatened to sue them they sent me a replacement - they said it was an "upgrade" but Im no so sure.

The replacement is a DVR 91425H -and from a quick scoot around the web I think they may be trying to palm me off with an older model ? there is no mention of True blue or anything like that ? So I'm looking for some advice - are they diddling me ?

All help appreciated.
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Who is ? Swann or Costco ? As Costco returns is second to none ! Old story buy cheap buy twice.....have fitted the swann kit from Costco for customers and guess what ! They have failed....get a refund
Its swann who are messing me about. Yes costco would give me a refund, but its installed and Id rather not rip it all out. Thanks for your input but it doesn't really answer the question - which is have Swannn sent me a replacement model which is an older model ?
Your problem seems to be that you do not know who to get the equipment replaced by to a fully working system.

Your contract is with Costco not Swann, Costco have to sort any and everything.
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Sale of Goods Acts only provide recourse from retailer to you. You have no legal contract with the manufacturer so they are not obliged to do anything.

Any manufacturers warranty is a 'gesture' by them but there is no real way you can force them legally to do anything since you have no legal contract with them.
Ditto what other posts have said previous...Swann is absolute junk....check out all the seconds on ebay...they are return /repairs!

As I found out Swann are sold by a UK outlet called entatech to the likes of costco.....The number of good Vs bad is nearly 50/50....leave very well alone as Swann tend to blame the installer and try to wriggle out of warrantee issue - Thats no swipe at costco just a warning about Swann.

We fitted a Swann PTZ...all nice and within 3wks the board inside had burnt out.......Customer only paid 150...........We replaced with Samsung and of course no probs....
I do hope we hear hear the result of this problem, but, as usual, I bet we don't.

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