Ideal Classic FF250 problem

2 Oct 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi Guys,

hope someone out there can help me with this problem, I've read the other posts on this boiler but don't know if I've got the same issues.

Current house is ten years old and about 8-10 months ago I developed a problem with the boiler that required the replacement of the fan unit. Boiler now runs like a sweetie and gives me no hassle. About a month ago my next door neighbour encountered the same problem only with a Classic FF240. Replaced his fan and hey presto it works a treat once again.

Last week my brother in law who lives round the corner from me gets the same problem with the FF250 so very confidently I tell him it will be the fan unit, which I understand is a common break down in models around the ten year tenure.

Anyhoo, replaced the fan unit today on it but it's still not sparking up. The fan is working, the pilot light comes on but no spark up of the main burners.

Thought it might have been the air safety valve so tested that by replacing it with the one from mine (yes, long way round I know) and it still doesn't work. When I put the air valve back into mine it works fine again so it can't be that.

Bottom line is I'm a bit embarassed at telling him I knew what the problem was and it doesn't seem to be that. He's also a hundred notes down as a result and I feel pretty bad about it.

So, before we call someone in just wondered if anyone had any ideas on what the problem might be or what could be tested next.

My own thoughts are

1. Fan is working so can't be that
2. Air valve has been switched and works in mine so can't be that
3. The pilot light is igniting so gas is there
4. The ignition works as does the main switches etc so power is getting to the unit.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers and thanks

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Its the gas valve gone the main gas solenoid is not lifting
It would be a bit more embarrassing if the fan had worked and you'd left the case seal damaged or inner flue disturbed resulting in POC entering the property? :rolleyes:
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Its the gas valve gone the main gas solenoid is not lifting

Thanks Namsag...that sounds a bit beyond me though...I'll get someone to take a look at it.


It was the gas valve solenoid...all working fine mate so thanks for the help. Much appreciated

Oh, and incidentally the case seal and inner gas flue were bang need for that kind of condescending gas fitter snobbery I would have thought!

Yeah, it did the trick and no problems since Wayne...just for your info I had a word with a neighbour who is a plumber/gas fitter and he put us onto a deal British Gas were doing that was about £160 for call out, repair and parts for any Boiler problems. If I remember rightly the GVS was a fairly dear part in any case (over £100 anyway) so they just called this mob out and it was sorted in a day!

Here's the web link for the service so you can see what you think



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