Ideal classic Boiler FF250 FAN

3 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
My boiler was new with the house. (1997).
Ideal classic FAN, ff250
it started to make a noise a week ago. then yesterday it wouldn't light.
no ignition. I took the cover off, and found that the FAN unit, wouldn't turn, so played with it used a bit of wd40, at it turns.
It now lights up. But the fan unit is making a lot of noise.

I suspect bearings have gone.

question. Would someone recommend.

A non corgi person removing the Fan unit, a cleaning, looking at the bearings, lubricating. and putting back.
it doesn't look that difficult.
If I call someone out - will they do this for me, or would they want to replace the FAN unit ?

I rang Ideal boilers they wanted 180 pounds call out + parts.

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We charge a fixed diagnostic fee of £84 and will remove the fan and clean it and lubricate the bearings to get the boiler to work again.

However they are mostly ball bearing and once seized become likely to fail again a short while later.

We use lubrication as a short term solution but expect to return with a new fan not long afterwards.

Some have lasted many months though, others only a few days.

Replace it, but make sure the correct fan is used by giving the boiler serial number as there are about 3 slightly different ones used on these boilers I believe.
buy yourself a new fan and stick it on yourself it is a strightforward swap
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buy yourself a new fan and stick it on yourself it is a strightforward swap

I've always found them a bit of a pain when you cant get to the screw right underneath the flue so got into the habit of leaving it there and bending thefront of the box up to get to the 3 little screws after a squirt of penetrating oil.
That screw's easy when you have the right tool for it! I put a pic on ARGI some time ago.
Top end of this boiler often suffers from the heat and things go brittle.
Yes its easy to do right, if you now what you're doing. It's also easy to do wrongly, I've seen one of these boilers damaged as a result.
I tried google on ARGI didn't come up with much,
can you clarify.... "I put a pic on ARGI some time ago. "
whats ARGI ?
Association of Registered Gas Installers.
You have to be Corgi regd to access it.
Fan arrived today, after giving the serial number to ideal boilers.
they gave me the part number and I ordered. (£96 + vat + delivery charge)
There are 4 screws.
(1) on flue. which is easy to remove.
(1)on front easy access to remove.

(2) screws come up from underneath into the fan unit.
Do I need to undo anyother parts to be able to unscrew from the underside.
I will not tocuh anyother part of the bolier or take aything else out.
if so then I'll call someone out.
They vary a bit - obviously, or you wouldn't have had to provide the serial number... :p

Not too keen to advise a non approved method for changing the fan when you might bend something and not realise it, and not be able to test it... :mad:
Once fan and flue hood are off as one unit fan is simple to remove and replace.

Make a note of which coloured aps tubes go where.

Usually white = behind flue hood, blue top left, red top right.
There are 4 different fans for Classics. Would need to know which model you have and if possible a picture.
you need to get the serial number off boiler and ring ideal boliers (get number from google) they will then give you part number to order.

ideal boilers gave me the contact number of the supplier.

i ordered the part myself, and had someone come round to replace it.
after i did all the hard work of diagnosis, and getting the part

they had a callout charge and every half an hour charge.
and they dragged the job on so it went over the half hour

i watched what they did, so easy.
anyone reading this - DIY.

you need to loosen the bolts for the heat exchange and take top off.

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