Inhibitor/Descaler and bypass valve Advice??

29 Oct 2004
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United Kingdom
After reading this forum, I've decided on 2 solutions to my boiler bang/kettling problem.
1. A good descale
2. Automatic bypass valve (As all but one rad has TRV's).

1. Scalex 1ltr - £3.50, Sentinel x200 £11.99, Fernox (whatever) ~£20
Any recommendations?
do you get what you pay for ?
or are you paying through the nose for the brand name?
Heading towards Sentinel for no other reason than appears to be the most mentioned on this forum

2. Bypass
range between £10 to £35 screwfix do 2 that I can see £14.99 or £24.99 but both appear to be the same spec??
any recommendations, brands to avoid maybe or are they all pretty much the same??

I've got an open vented, fully pumped, S-Plan. Boiler unknown as I'm at work but if it's less than 10 or even 15 yrs old I'd be surprised and hopefully not relevant to topic.

Thanks in advance.
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avoid cheap sh*t* for both solutions. Fernox for cleanser. Try Ds-40 if its badly sludged and you don't mind putting in a fair few hours of labour to drain, clean, drain, neutralize, drain, mb1 the system.

autobypass. again in my exp avoid the cheapies. danfoss avdo is a good choice.
Thanks htgeng for the response.

I've been using the cheap sh|te for some time as I've been jigging about with the CH on and off for months, slowly eradicating the problems.

Now the end is hopefully near and the bypass should be my last mod, so I'll wang some off the good stuff in for good measure.

No worries on the drain/fill/flush/drain filling it's almost a new hobby.

I'll look into danfoss.

Cheers, Matt.[/quote]
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X200 is a boiler descaler NOT a system cleaner. Hire a powerflusher - you'll be glad you did if your system is dirty.

Inhibitors - Sentinel recommend new litre of X100 every 2 years;Fernox MB-1, every 10.

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