Inlet valve Hell, please help

12 Jan 2017
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United Kingdom
I'm a bit of a newbie and just signed up so hi all!

I recently had a leaking bottom entry fill valve on a toilet. The thread had cracked, so I bought a new one. this one:

I fitted it, but have two problems (well one - it still leaks):
-I can't seem to tighten up the nut from the water inlet (if that's what it's called) very much before the whole valve spins in the actual cistern.
-There is water now leaking from the actual nut which connects to the fill valve. Ie like it's not done up tight enough.

Could someone please help, should there be a washer/o ring sitting in the nut somwhere? The nut essentially sits loose from the actual pipe (ie when undone it moves up and down the pipe).

If there should be a washer/ o ring - How do I know the size and correct seating please?

Please help, I'm getting bored of emptying a bowl under it.

Thank you in advance.
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The pipe that connect to the toilet should have a screw thread on that spins independantly of the pipe. inside that there should be either a fibre or rubber seal. If its a solid pipe supplying the toilet and not a flexi pipe its likely the fibre waster has dissolved.

Oh and you are going to have to get your hand in the cistern and hold the filler firm while you tighten the lock nut underneath till its nice and firm before attaching the water. This too should have a rubber seal inside the cistern over the threaded part of the filler
Thanks Jadele that's great - Really appreciated.

How do I know what size fibre washer is needed please? I can only find generic sized packs of washers for sale. Is it just one that seats tightly inside the washer?

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15mm/1/2" fibre washer, but get the right one. The washers for copper tap connectors are thinner than those for flexi connectors, and aren't interchangeable.
does it look like this

if so its got to fit over the centre pipe and seat against the flange that stops the nut coming off the pipe. I am not sure of the size though sorry. You could probably use a rubber o ring type one but again not sure. If you have a little play in the pipe up and down it maybe easier to cut it off and replace with a 15mm push fit tap connector such as

It looks exactly like that Jadele thank you.. I have now bought some washers and will try tonight. Thanks Robin7 & Hugh. I will get it done this weekend. Fingers crossed!
If your new valve is plastic, extreme caution is advise when connecting to a brass nut, plastic will cross thread very easily, and then make you valve scrap. Advise tightening by hand only initially and only show it a spanner when you're totally satisfied it's not cross threaded. Even then tighten slowly and watch to make sure it doesn't cross thread.

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