Internal door dripping water ?

11 Oct 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have an internal uPVC door,water is dripping from it.
Seems to be running in the frame and dripping out.

I'm puzzled.
The ceiling above doesn't seem wet.

One side is screwed in to a cavity wall, is it possible that rain water is getting in through the frame ?
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One side is screwed in to a cavity wall, is it possible that rain water is getting in through the frame ?

Might that be condensation running down that surface, from the window directly above it? Fold some toilet paper into a strip, placed along the bottom of the glass, to collect the condensed water. If it gets soaked, it is condensation. Other possibility is that the frame drain holes (outside) are obstructed and need clearing.
Thanks for your answer but there's no window directly above, it's internal.
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I can definately see window above it and I pretty sure I can see water marks down that double glazed window. I can also see door seals around the door frame - all of which (window and door seals) supports it being an outside door of some sort.

Can you provide more photos, maybe from further away?
I agree with Harry - there is definitely double glazed panels above the doorway. Looks to me that the glazed panels frame is joined to the door frame with a bonding sealer of some kind.
What is in the room in through the door?
Ahh, I see what you mean sorry, the double glazed panels are currently dry.
There was a previous leak from the bathroom above which left water marks.
I've checked the bathroom and it all looks dry.
I'll double check it today though.

Thanks for your help
Perhaps the leak from the bathroom mades it's way into that frame and it is now finding its way out slowly..
From what I can see water is coming out from the beads in the window above, i'd be wanting to see how that window is drained - face drained would be my guess because concealled drainage will cause water to sit on the coupler of the two frames and run sideways or build up and seep out anywhere along its length

A photo from the outside would help, to see if its face drained or concealled drainage either way you also need to deglaze the window and see if water is building up and not draining away, slots could be blocked, forget why water is getting in there in the first place, water will always seep past the gaskets and its why pvc windows have drainage slots
I still suggest that there is or has been a leak in that bathroom and the water found it's way into the frame. The OP needs to check under the bath, under the bathroom floor for possible leaks.
or the room above

in my bathroom I screwed down flooring panels so they can be lifted for access to the plumbing beneath

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