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  1. T

    Supplier/fitter recommendation upvc windows in HA5

    Hiya, hope this is allowed. I'm hoping someone in my area can recommend a company they have worked and happy with. The windows of the flat webought 3 years ago are terrible. Much condense in winter, I can therefore see mould. I suspect they areboth cheap and terribly fitted. I'd like to do a...
  2. J

    Excessive damp around uPVC door frame

    Good afternoon, I've seen a couple of similar posts on here but I'm still can't work out what's going on here. As you can see from my attached photos, there is excessive damp, mid height around my back door frame. The external brickwork has been repointed recently and looks watertight. The...
  3. B

    Where on earth can I get one of these for my door?

    I have an odd combined seal / rain guard on the bottom of my upvc doors. I can’t find anything like it in a builders merchant or online, can anyone suggest where I might get one please?
  4. R

    Upside down UPVC door!?!

    Yes, you read the title correctly - I have an upside down UPVC door that needs to be righted. I think the previous owners were a bit 'out there' as the dude just laughed with no explanation when I pointed it out during viewing... Anyway, is this a relatively straightforward task to right? I...
  5. S

    How to open door with a shattered spindle follower

    My uPVC patio door handle recently stopped working. When I took the handle off and removed the spindle, I found that the 'follower' (square hole that the spindle goes in to) has shattered. I've attached a photo where you can see that the bottom and right side of the follower has broken off. I...
  6. G

    Front door hasnt got drain holes?

    Hi my upvc front door doesn't look like it has drain holes, it has the ones on the exterior but not inner frame? Do I just need to drill holes in the inner frame to join with the others? Thanks
  7. P

    uPVC door with window - window now loose and air gap...

    There now is a gap on the outside of the door and the inside of the door betwen the uPVC frame and the window. Not sure how to tackle this and if it can be resolved easily. I would say the gap between the frame and the window on the outside is maybe 4mm in places and about 2mm on the inside.
  8. P

    Leak from bottom of astragal bar in outward opening uPVC French door

    Leaky astragal by phoenixw posted 14 Feb 2022 at 8:14 PM We have an outward opening uPVC French door that has a leak from the bottom end cap of the bar between doors. The drainage in the frame seems to be working fine and there's very little in there even after a heavy day like today! Any...
  9. A

    UPVC door difficult to lock. Possibly dropped?

    Hi, I'm having increasing difficulty getting my upvc door handle to lock into position so that I can lock it. I think it may have dropped and possibly needs a hinge adjustment. As you can hopefully see in the picture below the gap at the top isn't even. Image by aerozeppel posted 3 Feb 2022 at...
  10. G

    Internal door dripping water ?

    Hi, I have an internal uPVC door,water is dripping from it. Seems to be running in the frame and dripping out. I'm puzzled. The ceiling above doesn't seem wet. One side is screwed in to a cavity wall, is it possible that rain water is getting in through the frame ?
  11. bettz1

    Changing upvc patio door gaskets

    Hi past few years I've noticed our patio doors seem to let a draft in I've tightened up the keeps messed with the hinges outside etc and they have improved but you can still feel the cold in the bottom corner. Noticed the rubber gaskets on the doors look a bit worn although the house is 9 years...
  12. P

    UPVC door hinge adjustment

    After many years, my door has started to rub at the bottom corner (far side from hinge). I seem unable to adjust anything and I can't find any image of the hinge. At the top and bottom of the hinge, there is nothing to adjust - when the plastic caps are removed there is only a smooth round pin...
  13. S

    Hinges Ripped from UPVC Conservatory Doors: Repairable?

    Hi all, One of our conservatory doors got caught by a gust of wind yesterday which seems to have generated enough force to rip the middle hinge out of the door and the top hinge most of the way out. See photographs! The bottom hinge also has some damage: a bit of cracking but nothing as...
  14. J

    Fitting a new uPVC door

    I want to replace the old wooden side door in my garage with a new uPVC one. All the instructions for this tell you to measure to the brickwork and to remove the old doorframe when fitting. My problem is the garage is a 50+ years old Marley garage (pre-fabricated reinforced concrete panels) and...
  15. G

    UPVC Hinges without Grub Screws!?

    Hi, Does anybody know how to remove these specific butt hinges (see below) which don't have any grub screws or hex key slots at either end of the pin? As you can see, it's not possible to access either set of screws (into door or frame) and so without grub screws am I just supposed to hammer...
  16. D

    UPVC door too short in frame causing draughts

    In September 2020, I moved into a new build property (built 2018). Shortly after moving in, I noticed that downstairs was considerably colder than upstairs and found very noticeable draughts coming from the front door that was letting in cold air from the bottom of the door and noise from the...
  17. M

    UPVC Door Supplier

    Can anyone recommend a company to supply a UPVC door? I'm looking to add one to my garage so it will be a basic design. Thanks
  18. K

    Fitting of Door Architrave/ Trim on Laminate

    Hello, Completely new to this forum and I'm also a S**t DIY'er so please forgive my lack of knowledge. I wonder what is the best method to cover a gap between laminate floor and uPVC door (see photo). I recently had the flooring done but the builder misplaced the trim that was originally...
  19. A

    UPVC door has gap on handle side

    I have a UPVC door which is coming to about being 10 years old. The door appears to have developed a 2-3 mm gap between the door sseal and frame on the handle side around the middle section. The seal is tight at the top and bottom ends on the same side. As a result I'm getting quite a draft...
  20. A

    Gap at left top corner - new upvc door

    Just had a new door installed, the guy who fitted the door was not a professional door fitte, found there is a gap on the top left corner (handle side), when the door is locked the gap closes but still a debit card would slide in. Changed the old door because of draught issue and it seems will...