upvc door

  1. U

    Help please with upvc door

    Hi all Could anyone please help me with my front upvc front door. My ex did somthing to the door so once it's shut from the outside it won't open again unless I have the key so it's very easy to lock my self out. When am inside the door opens as normal. I can't work out what he has done to make...
  2. Y

    Obsolete door handle - can I drill new holes in UPVC doors?

    Hi I have a broken UPVC door handle (literally snapped off) and need to replace it - its a 20 year old Hoppe 3640n, no longer manufactured with 92pz and screw to screw of 202mm, backplate of 230mm. I have carried out exhaustive searches for a replacement with identical dimensions and no luck...
  3. Moyoltd

    Single glazed uPvc window

    Hi everyone, Working on a property (listed council block) which has single glazed upvc windows in some rooms and double glazed in others. Identical windows just the beaiding is wider. Could i get replacement beading for the single unit? Thanks for the help
  4. E

    How to close gap on uPVC French door.

    Hi, I have a draught coming from a gap at the bottom right-hand corner of our french door. Does anyone know how this can be fixed? There is a gap at the top right-hand corner too. Image here: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AvxDFgUHUgNCxGQLt7Za-i5ZIY8n Thanks!
  5. R

    What is this hinge called, and where can I get a new one?

    The hinge on one of our UPVC doors snapped and I cant find any on the internet that look anything like it. Does anyone know what this kind of hinge is called? (The last picture shows one of the two remaining hinges.) Thank you. 2016-09-04 14.24.43 by r_c posted 4 Sep 2016 at 11:27 PM2016-09-04...
  6. R

    UPVC Door Flag Hinge Setup

    I have just installed new UPVC and having a few troubles getting the alignment setup right. The flag hinges on the door looks as below. From the brief instruction sheet I have it seems the bottom adjuster moves the door up / down. The right adjuster moves the door right / left and the top...
  7. S

    UPVC door Leaking

    the back door has been fitted to some timber, which I believe was part of the old wooden door frame. This has become rotten at the base and is allowing water penetration. (See attached images) I was going to remove the door and replace this timber with treated CLS, refit the door and clad...