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  1. A

    UPVC door gap

    Hi, I have an issue with a gap at the top of out upvc french doors. I have had a look and it looks like the top plastic has snapped off. I have attached a photo if anyone can let me know if I can buy a replacement. Also the doors don't fully shut and a small gap at the top. Thanks in advance
  2. JLM1978

    Upvc door frame help

    Hello I've been trying to weather proof my front door and have had advice to fit a threshold kit. I have now purchased it but I'm not sure it should go in to a upvc door frame? Does anyone know if anything should sit in the bottom of the door frame? Picture for info but not mine. I was...
  3. P

    Identifying Flag Hinge

    Hi, I need to replace a broken flag hinge. I've been told it's an Avocet model and have been given a replacement (in chrome). However, the replacement is quite different to the original and while most of the holes line up to the original, some do not. Unfortunately, the original hinge doesn't...
  4. P

    Extension french door - changing locks

    I am looking to change the cylinder locks on my French doors. The door on the right is easy to do, with removing the screw from inside. However on the left door, this is not accessible as easily. IMG_20191201_154426 by Phoebian posted 2 Dec 2019 at 8:00 AM From what I can see, this plastic...
  5. T

    UPVC Front Door Not Sealing Properly

    Hi All, So I'm a student in a small uni town and the way some of the houses are here have a front door that opens directly into a ground floor bedroom i.e. my room. I've noticed now that the front door doesn't properly seal in the bottom right corner below the handle and it's leaving enough of...
  6. C

    PVC Door very draughty and cold

    Hi Working on an old bungalow renovation - Kitchen is very very cold, have noticed that a pvc door that was previously installed is very draughty and cold... rest of house is warm but this particular corner of the kitchen is barely getting heat despite being 2 foot from a rad. Door install is...
  7. J

    Cant remove old upvc door beading

    Hi, I am trying to remove a broken glass panel in a upvc door. I researched from other posters and purchased a chisel knife and a mallet. Trying to get under the beading is making a mess of the beading. IMG_20190930_121857_compress65 by Jenson7 posted 30 Sep 2019 at 3:54 PM Here are photos...
  8. M

    What kind of UPVC door is this ?

    Hi need help I need to replace the UPVC door panel on this door what kind of door is it what is the specific name and also where can I buy replacement door panels as the panel is cracked and faulty thank you
  9. H

    Unable to remove handles from an external uPVC door

    Hi, I'm trying to replace the, what I assume is a solid, spindle with a split spindle in my front door. It's a multi-lock mechanism and a uPVC door. I've removed the two screws at the top and bottom of the back plate and this has given a few mm of play, but won't allow me to fully remove...
  10. bettz1

    Yale Platinum lock barrels right or wrong size?

    Looking at changing our door locks & handles and were trying to measure up the lock barrel we've borrowed my sister's barrel as she lives down the road and has the same house as ours shes got a Yale Platinum lock barrel 50/50mm do you reckon this is the correct size or would it be better to go...
  11. D

    UPVC French door water drainage problem

    So it would appear that the manufacturing company have provided the French doors for the Juliet balcony with concealed/bottom drainage holes instead of face drainage holes despite the fact that they knew it was for a Juliet balcony with no seal. The water gets blocked inside The trim...
  12. F

    Cannot remove key from Euro Cylinder when door is locked

    Hi, I got an issue where my front door does not lock with the key from outside but using the thumbscrew inside you can lock and unlock the door. So I thought easy fix I will change the cylinder but when I change the cylinder you can lock the door but cannot remove the key? The old one works...
  13. safe

    Advice re: French doors please?

    Hi all, just afer a quick bit of advice. Am looking to get some French doors installed in place of an existing window. Got someone in to measure up & quote for this. All ok so far, until the final measurements are taken Dude says we *must* have a fan light because the doors would be too...
  14. M

    External door steps, upvc threshold height and the 150mm dcp.

    To the left is the extension, on the right at 90deg to this is the original house wall. To the right of the patio door is next doors garden wall, running parallel with the extension. I have removed the existing concrete slab, which was less than 150mm below dcp level. We had no issues stepping...
  15. M

    Damp above UPVC french doors - new extension

    We have a steel-framed, lean-to extension with a Metrotile (lightweight steel framed) roof. The extension is about 3 years old. There is a damp patch above our UPVC patio doors in the extension. It's been gradually building over months and months, no obvious drip/leak as such. I've had a...
  16. R

    What is this UPVC part called?

    One of the Georgian bars on the window of our UPVC door came off. The bar is held in place with these two white fixings (?) that the bar clips into. Could you tell me what they are called and where I might be able to get hold of a couple? 20180106_171406 by r_c posted 6 Jan 2018 at 5:19 PM
  17. bettz1

    Upvc patio door needs tightening HELP

    Hi all hoping somebody can solve my problem. We've noticed the kitchen is always cold again we had a similar problem last year that we just ignored. Took this pic last night hopefully you can see what im on about,where there's a gap in the seal which is letting a slight draft in. My dad...
  18. B

    uPVC door not sealing unless handle is pulled up

    Ive recently bought a new house, initially the front door had no seal on the actual door so we got some seal and fitted it, problem solved? No. So the front door doesn’t seal properly unless the handle is pulled up and even then I’m sure it still lets a draft in, the handle isn’t still to pull...
  19. I


    Morning all, Any help from the experienced would be greatly appreciated. I installed a new UPVC back door (full glass pane) recently which has two slotted drain holes just below the drip bar. I think I should make it clear at this point that the drain holes are in the door, not the frame...
  20. M

    Guys what are these side plastic covers called please

    Hi Guys I am having my composite doors installed next week and I was told I need to purchase these plastic side cover things to cover up any gaps between the frame and brick. Though I have forgotten what they are. I have attached photos of what I am talking about. Also are these generic to...