Unable to remove handles from an external uPVC door


6 Mar 2019
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United Kingdom

I'm trying to replace the, what I assume is a solid, spindle with a split spindle in my front door. It's a multi-lock mechanism and a uPVC door.

I've removed the two screws at the top and bottom of the back plate and this has given a few mm of play, but won't allow me to fully remove either handle. They appear to both be stuck on the spindle. Both handles have a hole in them, but it looks like it's just hole through to the spindle.

Any suggestions?



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There should be a small grub screw in that hole. A small allen key should be what you need to remove it.
Yeah, that's what I thought from what I found on the internet, but there isn't one in either of the holes. The holes are threaded, so it looks like there could/should be a screw in there, but there isn't.
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Indeed. Unfortunately that's not happening. There's enough movement to make me think the spindle isn't rusted to the handles. Not sure where to go from here.
Cool. I'll give that a go and post an update tomorrow.
Tried with the WD40. No change. There's still a little movement, as if they're catching on something rather than being rusted to the spindle.
Hi Hugh,
I currently have the same problem with door handles, Did you manage to locate the grub screws and remove the handles? If so, can you please let me know how you achieved this? I have removed the grub screw from 1 handle (but handle will not come off) but the other screw keeps turning in the thread (I think it may be rounded).

Hi katuludays
As above have managed to remove 1 grub screw but the other just (spins) and will not come out (possibly damaged)
Do you know if the handles are retained by anything else other than the grub screws as will not come off?
Hi Raging Bull,
Sorry for the late reply. Just got a locksmith out who just pried the handles apart using a flat head screw driver between the handle and the door. Looks like it ripped one of the grub screws apart (and damaged the spindle a bit). The handles now come out of the door and the spindle is stuck in one of them (I assume there's still a grub screw stuck in there).
Basically it looks like there are grub screws in there that are almost impossible to remove properly.
Hope this helps.

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