door handle

  1. R

    Wrong Handed door

    I have inherited a lounge door with handle that has the wrong hand (up to open) I've taken it apart but can't see how I can change it so it is down to open. I cant believe it is not possible because other doors with the same handles opening the same way work 'correctly' Any suggestions welcome Thx
  2. I

    Low-profile or Flush Door Handles for Deep Reveals

    I have a pair of doors which open back against deep reveals. Fully open, ordinary handles would prevent the doors laying flush against the reveals. In fact they would make the doors stand quite proud of the reveals. So, I need flush or low-profile (12, maybe 18mm) door handles on that side of...
  3. JD2012

    Help needed in finding door handle replacement (exact) if possible.

    Help needed in finding door handle replacement (exact) if possible. I am looking for a replacement door handle like the one in my picture if possible. It also needs to have the door mechanism with it. Does anyone have any idea where i can get one? Thanks
  4. Mintachine

    Replacing door handle spring

    The spring has gone on the kitchen door (bog-standard council, cheap) lever handle, but I'm not seeing how to reach the spring to replace it. As you can see from the photo, there's a metal plate inside covering it. It looks welded on and turns with the handle. Does this mean these are...
  5. M

    What is the name of this door handle please

    Hi I am looking to replace this door handle does anybody know what type of handle it is and if I can buy a replacement thank you in advance
  6. Niallwhelan95

    Does anyone know if this Handle is fixable? Pics incl.

    Hi guys, Our backdoor patio (backdoor) handle has progressively been getting worse. anytime someone pulls in the door to close, the handle will come off (shown in one of the photos). All we can do right now is jiggle it back in. the door is either a double glazed or triple glazed glass panels...
  7. JD2012

    Hotpoint Aquarius Extra WMA64 1400 Spin - Broken Door Handle

    I have broken the Door handle on my Washing Machine the model stated above. Do I have to buy a complete new door or can you just buy the plastic part? The picture below is not the exact model but the panel is more or less the same.
  8. H

    Unable to remove handles from an external uPVC door

    Hi, I'm trying to replace the, what I assume is a solid, spindle with a split spindle in my front door. It's a multi-lock mechanism and a uPVC door. I've removed the two screws at the top and bottom of the back plate and this has given a few mm of play, but won't allow me to fully remove...
  9. Y

    Obsolete door handle - can I drill new holes in UPVC doors?

    Hi I have a broken UPVC door handle (literally snapped off) and need to replace it - its a 20 year old Hoppe 3640n, no longer manufactured with 92pz and screw to screw of 202mm, backplate of 230mm. I have carried out exhaustive searches for a replacement with identical dimensions and no luck...
  10. Nicolafrey

    Help with door handle

    Hey :) need some help with these handles! Ordered some new ones but not able to get the old ones off ha! All I've done is remove the screws but have no idea how to take the handle off or anything! Hope the pictures are clear enough!! Would appreciate any advice :) Thank you!! :) 20161008_215515...
  11. DibDibs

    Securely attaching servo to door without using bolts, screws etc.

    I am working on a bodge automated door. This is the equipment and tools I have... A Raspberry Pi (to control the servo, receive commands etc.) A 7V servo motor. A hot glue gun. Some velcro (hook & loop) tape (although it isn't the best). Some wire ties and some stationary string. Some wire and...
  12. W

    Door lock spring mechanism missing

    Hi All, One of my internal door lock mechanisms doesn't work so I took it apart and compared it against one that does. Turns out it is missing a spring inside (see photo attached, faulty lock on RHS). Does anyone know where I can get one of these from? Many thanks :)