Is this double glazing quote reasonable?

25 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom
Had a couple of quotes yesterday for replacement sash windows for my lounge bay and bedrooms windows. One quote was £4,800, the other was "between £5 and £6k" for the following:

2 windows 140cm high x 76cm wide
2 windows 176cm high x 55.5cm wide
1 window 176cm high x 81cm wide

Both said they'd need to remove everything that's already there.

So do these quotes sound reasonable? I knew sash windows would be more expensive than regular casement windows, but around £1k a window was a bit of a shock!

Interested in your comments please, I feel a bit like a 'little girl lost'!

P.S. If it makes a difference price-wise, I'm in Croydon, Surrey.
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Hi- As an indication of value/ price, we had Anglian replace all our windows in 2002- 14 windows, leaded lights, white coated aluminium outside, hardwood frames. Cost then was £17,000- over £1000 each. some very big windows, some small. Two bay windows. Think price is quite regional, but we're in Banstead near Sutton, so near to Croydon. Are they wooden replacements, as they look better but cost? I'd say, although it's a pain, get as many quotes as possible. Try a main supplier, e.g. Anglian (I found Everest about the most expensive of the main dealers I researched, but possibly best quality), then try locally. That will give you a good idea of price/ quality. Word of mouth is best though to be honest: It's a bit of a minefield out there. We were very happy with Anglian. is worth looking at, as previous customers rate the companies for value/ quality etc. but still do general research. Small tip- if you can wait until Xmas, we found business was so low, that they were desperate for trade, so prices lower. No, it's not fun in the world of new windows.... good luck, and make sure you get a FENSA certificate (quality/ building standard certificate). Hope this helps.
Thanks RRRRRR. I had Anglian round yesterday, the rep stayed 23 minutes, it seemed as if he couldn't wait to leave. :confused: He said between £5k-£6k.

Two quotes so far, a third company's coming round on Friday, they're a local company. I'll see what they say on Friday but, to be honest, if I'm not convinced by any of them, I'll keep getting people round until I'm happy. You're right about it being a pain, but I want to be sure to get the best quality that I can afford, and work carried out by people I feel I can trust.

I'm getting uPVC replacements, I agree wood is nicer but of course it's higher cost as well as maintenance!

Good tip about waiting til Xmas, but I want to get it paid for this year, before the VAT rise!
Mmmmm- keep getting new quotes as you say. Sounds like you've developed a dodgy salesman sensor! Yes- until you feel right about the transaction, well worth continuing with quotes-. I'd also keep notes, as the windows I was shown (often small samples they brought) seemed to vary wildly in design/ thickness/ space between glass/ recycled PVC (yellows with age) etc. and I started to forget what was what. Also, check frame thickness. Usually the frames are thicker if the construction is poor, to compensate. I'm sure you've seen houses with tiny glazed areas and thick frames- and see if there's an example of an opening window, as sometimes this plus the frame can be quite obtrusive. By the way, I'd just like to say I've never replied to one of these forums, I'm not as sad as I may initially appear, I'm not after a date, but I have been in the world of window replacement so I'm quite keen to help you avoid what I went through! By the way, I think the non-wood ones are really good these days, so not a problem- and less maintenance etc.
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Aww, and there was me thinking you were after a date! ;)

It's just that I've read loads of horror stories about DG salesmen so I'm very much on my guard! I've done lots of homework (but still feel like it's not enough!) and have a list of questions I need answers to - so that I can compare quotes properly as much as anything.

I learnt about 'sight lines' yesterday where the opening windows have thicker frames, I definitely want to avoid them.

Bizarrely enough, neither of the salesmen so far have brought window samples (miniature or otherwise) with them, so I think I may have to visit their showrooms if I am interested in their quotes.

Ha ha, don't worry about appearing sad, you're just being very helpful and I feel I need as much advice on this particular subject as possible to avoid any pitfalls, being ripped off, eaten by sharks etc etc!

I'm feeling I might arrange an appt with another company for the weekend, I haven't been blown away by either of the company's I've seen yet....
Go to as many showrooms as poss, if they have one then they are keen for you to see the quality, if its a small local company then they're unlikely to have a showroom but MAY be able to get their hands on a sample window from their supplier, under no circumstances sign any order or contract at the showroom no matter how much in love you have fallen in to with the windows, go home and think about it at your own pace also by signing on THEIR premises you waive your right to the 16 day cooling off period as its deemed you made the move first and were serious about the purchase.

Ask also about the guarantee, a 10 year minimum is a must and has got got got got to be insurance backed, get a quote first and then ask about the insurance backed guarantee, they have to pay between 3 and 5% of the contract price and will add it to your quote, if they have already given you a quote then you'll know that they expect you to pay for it.

As said its a good idea to take notes or brochures and write on them, use arrows pointing to areas of interest, this will help you ask the same questions over and over.

Good luck ;)
Thanks crank39. Luckily all 3 companies I've contacted so far do have showrooms so I'll be able to go and take a proper look - point noted about not signing at their showroom, thanks.

I've just sent an email to another company I want to get round at the weekend, so that will be four! This might be a verrrry long process!

Thanks again.
Seems expensive. We had 7 windows done 18 months ago for £3300 ish. Very well fitted by a local firm and good quality profile (kommerling)

Local firms ranged from £3100-4000 and the big national firms were £5000 after a 50% discount :LOL:

I am up north though so things might be more expensive darn sarf ;)
Have you considered alluminium windows? not much more expensive than plastic and vastly superior. I will admit that I am very much anti-plastic. I used a company called Kindlelight on a supply only basis but they do install as well.They are based in Letchworth and have a website.
Thanks steveb1964. I've got salesman number 3 coming tomorrow from a local firm so will see if they come in any cheaper.

Maltaron - I haven't considered aluminium. The uPVC ones seem expensive enough(!) and I'm afraid I'm not keen on the look of aluminium windows, sorry. :oops: But thank you anyway, I'm really grateful for all the help I'm getting here.

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