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2 Jul 2010
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United Kingdom

I would be grateful for any advice on the merit of a quote I have received for installation of some double glazed casement windows from a "National" supplier.

The quote started off at approx £9300 before discounting, then with discounts offered by supplier it reduced to approx £6500. I have just received a phone call offering further discounting which reduces the quote to approx £4000. All the prices are fully inclusive of VAT and ancillary items etc.

The windows are as follows:

1. 1300cm x 1300cm (2 openers)
2. 1300cm x 1300cm (2 openers)
3. 1300cm x 1100cm (2 openers)
4. 1000cm x 800cm (2 openers)

1st Floor Square Bay Window Consisting Of:
5. Left Side - 1400cm x 600cm (1 opener)
6. Right Side - 1400cm x 600cm (1 opener)
7. Front - 1400cm x 2500cm (4 sections, 2 openers)

Ground Floor Angled Bay Window Consisting Of:
8. Left Side - 1700cm x 600cm (2 sections, no openers)
9. Right Side - 1700cm x 600cm (2 sections, no openers)
10. Front - 1700cm x 1000cm (2 sections, both openers)

I have another quote from a local supplier but it is not a like for like quote. My local supplier quoted me a final price of £1600 for items 1 to 4 above. I did not ask the local supplier to quote for the two bays listed in items 5,6,7 and 8,9,10 above. Unfortunately, I cannot get the local supplier back to increase the scope of the quote until the New Year and I have been informed that the "Today Only Special" quote from the "National" will no longer be valid and will revert back to the "valid for 6 month quote" of approx £6500.

By trying to upscale the local supplier quote on a like for like basis I think I will be in the region of £3600, perhaps more which is why I am slightly tempted by the "National".

The "National" did an installation for my neighbour a few doors away and they are pleased with the quality of the work. However, they had sash windows rather than casement and also had more windows installed so I really have no cost comparison.

Should I hang out for a bit more reduction from the "National" and wait until I can get a revised quote from my local supplier. Or, should I bite the carrot while it is dangling in front of me.

I have no experience with purchasing or installation of double glazing so any advice or feedback most appreciated.

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If the national can knock of £5300 at the drop of a hat i wouldn't buy from them on principle but thats just me.

Personally i'd wait till the new year, get your local back at get a like for like quote, if your still swaying towards the national then play one of against the other, take no notice of the 'Today only special', if they want your money, which they clearly do to knock off over 5k then the offer would still be there in 6 months time, my guess is though the local will probably be working on a tighter margin and may not have much more scope for discounting but id defo wait for a like for like quote

Whose the national BTW?

Thanks for the reply, it is very useful. I will hang on in there to see how things pan out over the next few weeks and hope that my local supplier comes up good.

Not sure where you are but try MGM Quinton Windows in Coventry
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i would go back to them and say 3.4k the jobs yours and settle for 3.7k

there base line costs are probably around 3k
i would go back to them and say 3.4k the jobs yours and settle for 3.7k...

Thanks, that's a good idea, I have nothing to lose and I think 3.7K is a reasonable price for the amount of work and windows involved.

HI one more point if you do decide to have new windows specify Planitherm Glass filled with argon glass (look it up online) the best you can get for not much more money

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