is this ok ? garden office ?

16 May 2010
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United Kingdom
Building a garden office/music room at end of garden just somewhere i can crank guitar amp up and not annoy everybody i know with crap guitar playing !

It needs to be warm and a bit sound proofed

Got the base down 100mm hardcore/ 100mm concrete with damp proof membrane.

Building a 100mm x 50 mm frame, Which will be clad in 22mm loglap.

Then filled with 75mm kingspan (got cheap from eBay) fill any gaps with expandable foam in a can, then i was going to fix a 50 mm frame on the main frame and fill this with some 50mm rockwool accoustic slabs then fit resillent bars and finish with 2 layers of soundbloc plasterboard caulk all gaps with an accoustic mastic.

The few questions I have are :

1. Do i need a air gap between loglap and insulation ?

2. Where do i put the breathable membrane ? and vapour membrane ?

3. What is a breathable membrane ? (roofing breathable menbrane?)

4. what is a vapour check membrane ?

5. i have been told to leave an air gap in the roof joists between insulation and plywood deck(cold roof) do i need any membranes on roof ?
If i put noggings on the roof joists how does the air circulate around them ? surely the nogging would stop air flow ?

many thanks
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doing all that will not make it warm, just keep the heat in from any form of heating you have.
? but all rooms are the same there is no magical way it can heat up, its about keeping the heat in, and not waste heat ?
Do i need a air gap between loglap and insulation

It's usual just in case there is any water penetration - 25 mm should be ok

\2. Where do i put the breathable membrane ? and vapour membrane

Don't need the former in the walls. Vapour barrier between the plasterboard and the frame.

what is a vapour check membrane ?

Fitted on the "warm" side of insulation to prevent moisture-laden warm air passing through the insulation and condensing within the wall when it cools down on meeting cold from outside.

Or if you mean "what does it look like ? " , then it is either a plastic-sheet or a foil-backing on the plaster-board.

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