Isn't it time we dumped this useless white elephant?

Do we need Trident?

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We're not quite in the same state as Greece

although our union friends wouldn't mind it going that way!

What would the opinion be if Europe were to bail out Greece, on the proviso that all the home-grown tax inspectors were booted out, and revenue collection was handed over to say, the UK and German revenue? I can't imagine much support for that idea :LOL:

Interesting quote from one of the comments....

"The larger problem of tax evasion/grey economy is the self-reinforcing loop - ever more slip out of paying, gov't ratchets up taxes, those on fixed (gov't) salaries protest b/c they have no way to evade similarly, their wages go up, deficit widens, taxes need to go up again, even more 'entrepreneurs' evade, etc. you get the point. A sad story present in many/most post-Soviet countries in the area (further to the north) as well."
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There's another one....

Even if the tax man catches up with you, there's a real expectation that they'd rather pocket a slice for themselves, than turn what is duly owed over to the state.

Whether you think it's wrong to fiddle, or your "civic duty", it goes some way to explaining why Greece is short of bunce.....
How can you argue that our economy is in good shape when we only survive by borrowing?

Here's a drama queen for you.

Fears UK Is In 'Worst Ever' Economic Crisis

1:03am UK, Friday October 07, 2011

Britain could be in the grip of the "most serious financial crisis ever", the governor of the Bank of England has told Sky News.

Sir Mervyn King said the global and UK economies had been turned on their heads in the past three months alone and said: "The world has changed."

The situation could be even worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s, he said, making it crucial do "the right thing" - which in the UK now means pumping more cash into the economy.
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I think 'worse than the 30s depression' is far worse than Greece - don't you?
Getting back to the Trident thing. If you were considering emigrating to Australia, Canada or New Zealand - would it influence your decision that they don't have nuclear weapons? If it wouldn't why do we need Trident? If it does - then see a doctor as you are suffering from paranoia.
Canada is attached to the USA so part of their deterrent whether they like it or not (not in my experience but hey ho) and why would OZ and NZ need a deterrent ... If the world was a body you wouldn't try and destroy it by attacking the ar5ehole would you :rolleyes:

Why would any country attack another country?
There are mad people and bad people and the really mad bad people tend to become politicians :LOL:

Failing governments attack other countries to gain political kudos - like Galtiani did.

In fact all wars are fought over disputed territory.

So if we give the Malvenas back and Gibraltar we'll be OK.
Or disputed beliefs.

I agree about the kudos though, the approach certainly didn't do Margaret Thatcher's credibility any harm ... Mad cow pre-falklands and hero afterwards.

Aye - it's the oldest trick in the book.
I forgot to say ... You do need to get a good outcome from the battle ... Vietnam wasn't the most astute political decision ever made.

No but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
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