Its a long shot but ...

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12 Sep 2005
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United Kingdom
... tried all the normal ideas so no trying the abnormal ones.

We lost our African Grey Parrot (grey body, red tail, the size of a pigeon) from West Ewell on 12/05/2006.

We got him in 2001 and named him Bubbles after a BB2 contestant my wife liked(how sad can you get). He doesn’t say his name often as he prefers to tell our dog Buster off.

We have tried everything we can think of to find him including putting up 100’s of posters but people keep taking them down

We go out every morning and evening desperately hoping to catch a sight or sound of him but with no luck so far.

People may wonder why so much fuss over a simple bird. But have to hand fed him 3 times a day (he still wants it and gives us the chance to add the medication he needs) and he follows us everywhere we go in the house getting up to all sort of mischief (always free to fly wherever he likes, not shut in his cage all the time) he becomes very much part of the family and not just a pet.

It’s the night times that are worse, thinking of him having to put himself to bed cold, wet and hungry without the kiss and cuddles that he loved so much.

Would ask anyone in flying distance from Ewell in Surrey that may have any knowledge of him to please please please contact us at

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He's almost certainly dead. You must be as sick as he was.
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Thanks for your understanding guys. Wondered if it was a mistake posting it here ... now I know it was :(

Hope you never lose anything that is dear to you ...
No offence meant ABN.

Enuff wind-up merchants here!

Good luck :D
Sorry to hear you're bad news ABN, unfortunately after this length of time the likelyhood of getting him back are not very good.Having said that i hope some-one has found him and taken him in. Never give up hope but don't get to fixated on it, life goes on.
I lost my dog a few week's after moving here, about 5 month's now ,I know that some-one has taken him in and he won't come back now but we still look out for him when we go out in the car. :cry:
your right,it is a long shot.......Was you expecting that anybody seriousley could "help" you in this forum ? we are all from different parts of this globe...and i doubt if anybody that lives near you in's still a long shot.....Good Hunting.. :D
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