ITV channels breaking up and digital feed failure.

26 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
I have a VM Tivo box and am using the RF outlet of a VCR to send signals to another room .
The signal is split via a splitter/amp.
Recently all ITV channels, 5 etc are breaking up when selecting the roof aerial input. Also there is no digital (cable) signal at all being received in the other room.
If I connect the roof aerial direct to the main tv it is fine. All cable channels are fine on the main tv.
I have checked all connections and cables.
Could the splitter/amp be at fault,if so is there a way to test it?
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All channels are now fine on both main and kitchen tvs BUT no cable channel is being received in kitchen "no signal"
I've bypassed the splitter box and nothing changes.
Any thoughts please?
VM on main TV..... That shouldn't have anything to do with the VCR/aerial amp/splitter system. Your TV should be getting it's VM signal direct via HDMI for a flat screen TV or SCART for an older big-back telly.

Specific channel loss i.e. ITV would normally indicate a cable or plug-end issue. It's a little odd that your losing ITV on what it essentially a single channel RF-modulator system though.

Still, start with the basics. Take the plug ends off and remake the connections. If you're using shop bought moulded aerial cables then ditch then for some proper coax and aerial plug ends you fit yourself. The moulded ones are prone to breaking inside, and that causes partial or total signal loss.

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Thanks for reply
Yes main tv connected via hdmi no problem.
ITV etc signal was normal but now failed on terrestrial during heavy rain so likely aerial issue.
However I still have no cable signal to kitchen via splitter or when splitter is by-passed.
Does the cable signal require boosting? . Tivo box is connected to vcr via new scart lead.
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In my job I see a lot of coax cable laid loose on peoples roofs
and they get agitated with the wind causing the cable to wear and expose the wires.
Seem to have sorted it. I tried a third different scart lead from vcr to Tivo box, changed the AV outlet and now have all channels including cable in kitchen
Don't know why it now works though!
Thanks for the input.

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