my TV get all digital channels but not my freeview recorder?

10 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom
I have a LG freeview DVD/HDD recorder and a Technika digital freeview TV.

When I feed the aerial lead into the TV I can get all digital channels fine and signal quality is good but when I connect aerial into recorder and link to TV I lose CH 3,4,5, and alot of freeview channels and also get some pixelation/signal break up...what am I doing wrong?
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The reception of radio signals depends on the quality of the equipment. As a radio ham I know all too well that using filters and pre-amps can clean up a signal to a huge extent. It could be the TV is very good or the DVD very bad but it is unlikely anyone will market a device under spec so likely the TV is very good.

Try a pre-amp.
heeelllooo and welcome sa180343 :D :D :D

try a retune before you do anything but as said equipment varies
Freeview channels are broadcast in groups called multiplexes. Each multiplex is the equivalent of one of the old analogue channel frequencies. For arguments sake lets say that the old analogue ITV channel in your area now carries the ITV group multiples; so that's ITV, Ch4, Ch5 and the +1 versions. Digital is a bit "all or nothing", so if you lose that frequency because the signal is degraded then you'll lose all of those channels.

The reason you lose a frequency is either it's the weakest one in the group and it's the first to go when there's a problem like the aerial out of alignment, or there's a kink in the cable which acts like a selective filter.

The ITV multiplex (MUX) is one of the stronger ones. So it's more likely to be a cable issue. Have look at the aerial cable between the recorder and the TV. If it's a DIY cable then also check the plugs for loose strands of the shield braid touching the central conductor.
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and link to TV
Chris suggested "a kink in the cable" but the "fly-lead" that you are using could be disconnected inside or simply really poor quality such as the cheap, nasty leads sold by some DIY stores. It's important to use a good quality fly-lead. It needn't be expensive and you could even make it yourself if you are not completely disabled.
The title suggests a different problem to your post!

Either, your TV works fine until you plug in your recorder and then the TV doesn't work fine.


The TV works fine, before and after the recorder is plugged in but the recorder doesn't work.

Which is it?

If it's the 2nd one, does your recorder show channels in the 800+ range which work correctly? If so, you will need to manually tune the box to pickup the correct transmitter for the channels as it's currently picking a weaker transmitter.
Does it?

The TV gets all the digital channels when the aerial is plugged into it directly but when the aerial is plugged into the recorder it can only find some channels and the signal is poorer..

Since I can only plug the aerial into the recorder and link the recorder to the TV with a scart lead and aerial link I am stuck with the reduced channels and poor signal..

I have re-tuned...and this has not helped...

Thanks to the other respondents....I will try to get a signal booster and a better quality aerial lead and see if this helps....I note the aerial connection at the wall is loose...perhaps this is also an issue? Is there a way to tighten the connection up? A pair of pliers mebbe?
it can only find some channels and the signal is poorer..

By "IT" I assume you mean the TV rather than the Recorder?

you're getting a new coax lead anyway I see

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