just spent ages painting woodwork with water based satin...

17 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
...and it looks terrible. The wife says I have to do it all again...arrgghhhh!

I stripped and primed all my woodwork with leyland acrylic primer/undercoat and then used johnstones acrylic satin as a top coat. Lots of coats of both the undercoat and the top and it still looks crap. I do like the 'whiteness' of it and the fact that it dries so quickly that I can carry on painting with the kids running about but anyway, it has to go...

So, I'm wondering if I should give an acrylic gloss a go or just give up and get a tin of oil based. Any help/suggestions appreciated.

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Hi Canonbeck. I can't be of much help (sorry) but can I ask why you think it looks terrible?

Have you not managed to get a good finish? Or is it something else (not used to it/not to your taste?)

I'd be interested to know as I am about to do something similar.
its much easier to get a good solid finish free of brushmarks with oil based provided you apply and lay off the paint correctly, i did some crown acrylic satin on a bath panel back in the summer and it was fine. I worked quickly, layed it off nicely and used a decent brush. there is an additive you can put in to keep the paint 'open' for longer can't remember what its called someone else may though, i know that owatrol is the oil based version if that helps.
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well, it looks kind of unfinished - like its just undercoat. I've been using a purdys brush and have been rollering my doors (totally flat - no panels). The roller hasnrt worked very well either - lots of flat spots. And this is after multiple coats of the stuff.

I think another problem for the wife is that its just not gloss. She wants gloss (this is my fault).

So, is the acryllic gloss worth a go or should i go back to the old yellowing oil based stuff...
Its your call really, the new 2010 voc reg stuff is yellowing prematurely and as i understand it the paint companies are re-configuring and the 'new' new stuff will have a blue lid. It's a bit suss tho as they're doing it very quickly. If you go for the water based stuff it is a compromise on finish. If you roll your doors lay the paint off with a brush as you go. Do a third of the door lay off with brush, roll another third overlapped slightly, lay off with brush and repeat for final section

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