Water based paint problems

6 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
I'm still having a nightmare trying to work with water based paints.

I can paint with oil based no problem but this is a whole different kettle of fish (or paint).

I'm using Johnston's acrylic undercoat and satin. I've got the undercoat looking really good - but as soon as I try to put on the satin top coat, it just turns into a nightmare of brush strokes.

Where am I going wrong? It's not helping that it's so hot here just now that it's drying too quickly. I got the undercoat on well today but dipping the tip of the brush in clean water, then the undercoat. Should I do the same with the topcoat?
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Tried that - it looked like orange peel. I think I have to resign myself to the fact that I can't paint with water based stuff.

My undercoat looks good though - so good, I'm considering stopping there! LOL
As it happens I`m using the same Johnstones acrylic . I found to lay it on fairly thick and then lay off with gentle pressure and the brush almost laying next to the work long strokes too . Acrylic bristle brush . Don`t know about the water dipping only time I do that is washing out ;) . TBH I` d rather be fighting with a kettle of Magnet lead based paint :p
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It may be a problem of expectations.

Waterbased paint is never going to look like oilbased and it will generally need three topccoats rather than one or two.

But if you use a brush with synthetic filaments (Purdy Elite are good), not a hair bristle brush, and you lay off with the fine tips of the brush and a very light touch, you should be able to achieve a good result. Also, ensure it is left long enough to 'cure' - just because it dries quickly doesn't mean it you can put plantpots, bowls, busts of Shakespeare, etc., on it the day after! Give it a few weeks and it will look pretty good.

Finally - try Bedec acrylic trimcoats. They are very thick and tough - the nearest thing to oilbased without being oilbased.[/b]
Thanks all. I think I've probably got it as good as I'm ever going to get it but it so doesn't look as nice as oil based.

It was only on boxing round the boiler pipes so it's not going to get hard wear but next to my snazzy new pristine white earthstone worktop I wanted it to look as perfect as possible (I'm a bit anal and want things to be perfect :confused: )

My water dipping worked great on the undercoat but was pants for the topcoat, so there was a bit more sanding done and I just had to try and go for it with the topcoat.

Will have a look at the Bedec trimcoats though.

Who'd have thought painting could be so stressful?

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