Karndean Advice Appreciated - 1st time fitting for a friend

11 Jan 2009
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Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom
I have recently decided to pack in my job and start my own tiling and plumbing business.
I have completed a tiling course but as of yet have limited experience.
My friend's dog has recently had an accident on his office carpet and he has purchased some Karndean flooring (wood plank effect) and adhesive (solvent free acrylic) and has asked me to fit it.
He already has approx. half of his house fitted with Karndean.
I am therefore after some advice, which would of course be much appreciated!

The job:-
The area is reasonable square and is approx. 6sqm.
The floor is concrete with gripper rods that will require removal.
It is a new house and the floor looks even and reasonably smooth.
The Karndean is a wood plank effect (he currently has this in his hall so I can see how it should eventually end up looking).
It is an office with fitted units.

Questions / Concerns etc:-
As my limited experience is laying tiles, which are obviously inflexible, will my skills be relevant and of any use when laying flexible flooring?
When I take the gripper rods up I am assuming that there will be holes left, what is the best way to fill these?
From my research I am assuming that I will need to use a Neoprene or PVA primer, and apply a minimum 3mm of smoothing underlayment, is this correct and can anyone recommend any types that would be suitable?
Will I need to use an aeration spiked roller when applying the screed?
Do I need to use a prime after the underlayment or just before?
As it is a house I am assuming that it will not be a power floated concrete floor (whatever this is!) but confirmation would be most welcome.
How important is it that the flooring is at 18-26c before and after?
On the adhesive tub it states that the floor need to be rolled with a 68kg roller, is this correct or can I use a small hand roller for this size of area (the Karndean website says you can for small areas) and if so how much pressure should be exerted? My friend watched the company who did most of his house and does not remember them using any form of roller.
Will I need to use the correct Karndean Flooring Handroller?
If I get adhesive on his units / floor etc what is the best way to remove and how quickly would I need to do this?

I originally thought it would be too difficult (with no training) but after looking at the website and doing some research I now feel fairly confident. However I appreciate that it is probably more difficult than it looks! Therefore can I ask people's opinion as to whether I should be taking this job on, I feel a little compelled as he is a good friend but I would rather tell him that will need to be done by the experts if that is the case.

Added to this he has also asked me to relay a small part of his existing floor that has come up, I am assuming that I will need to remove the adhesive that has been previously put down, how do I do this?
And how important is it that I use the same type of trowel / spreader, A1 v A2, that the original fitters used?

Apologies if it's a lot of questions but I don't want to let my friend down so any help / advice would be very welcome!

Kind Regards,
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thats a lot of questions! im not going to sit here for the next few hours writing a esay on how to fit either!

If you are taken this on as a living then get yourself on a karndean course! If your close to brum then i will take you out with myself for hands on trainning with floor prep to bending boarders etc for a small fee!

However, i dont think you should be taken on this job without at the minimum going on a karndean course! if you decide to go on this course and learn the basics then i will be happy to help in the future with any minor questions you have. At the moment tho you just have to many to try and answer/teach over a forum!
Thanks for the quick reply and honest advice and I do appreciate that my post was extremely long but once I started looking into things it just got more and more complicated!
This job was going to be a one off for a friend as my main business is going to be floor and wall tiling and plumbing.
I have explained my concerns to him and he is still keen for me to do it.
Therefore given your comments I am now thinking that it may be worth taking a course and adding another string to my bow!
Unfortunately I am located in the North East of England so a little far to travel down to your neck of the woods.
Could you perhaps give me an idea of the cost of the course or a contact who could help further?
Any help appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Im not sure of the cost for the karndean course. Karndean are based in eversham near birmingham.

However, i know of a firm in sunderland (sunderland carpet center) who are very very good fitters. It might be worth you ringing them and asking if they would mind taken you out with them. offer to pay them to cover extra time you would put on the job for showing you things etc.

Either that or get yourself to Karndean. If you go to karndean you will come away with a certificate and loads of freebies including tools, glue etc so sort of pays for itself!
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Thanks for all of your help and advice, it has been very useful.
I will give the company in Sunderland (which just happens to be where I live!) a call.
I am also planning to give Karndean a call to check out the course details, hopefully all being acceptable and if cash permits I may decide to go ahead with a course.

In your opinion is there plenty of work available for good fitting of Karndean?


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