28 Nov 2004
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United Kingdom
have a glowworm economy plus, 10 years old. It was kettling so did a full system descale that was left in for one week, then flushed, a neutraliser was added and then flushed three times. Refilled and fernox inhibitor added. System was beautifully quiet for two weeks but very slowly the kettling has come back with whining down whine as the boiler switches off which wasn't there before! So all in all its probably worse now! Any ideas please???
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Whineing sounds like lack of flow through boiler, maybe the byepass has got some shiite in it from the cleansing process, try undoing the byepass a bit and seeif it helps.
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its sunday and the old man has a drink :LOL:
would go with pedantic sounds like a flow problem or a pump overun prob
seeing as im already in the brown smelly stuff check the profile
(sheep and lamb) springs to mind :LOL:
if the boiler is kettling the water isnt going through the heat exchanger fast enough
hence opening the bypass
if the pump overun isnt working the boiler will get a bit overheated
as for the rest your call v :LOL:
Meishka - what descaler did you use - there are lots?
Many boilers seem to make whining noises for no particular reason, it seems to me. Noises like a bullet ricochet in a cowboy movie sometimes, like tchiaowowow.
GW's are particularly sonorous. There is a chemical called "boiler descaler" which you CAN leave in the system so might be worth a try. I've never been able to make an old boiler completely quiet though :cry:
I think Glowworm made there boilers deliberately noisy from new, came as an extra, free timer, pump and kettling, customers thought it said Kettle.
it was fernox ds 40, the kettling did stop for a few weeks and is now back with this added whining (no not me!) just seems odd thats its worse than before, defiently seems like a flow problem but have no idea how to fix it! Header tank seems fine and fills up ok
Well, try changing the speed on the pump. Ifyou can only slow it, try it just to see if the noise geta worse. A pump which has been running in a dirty system will be worn, so maybe a new one would be sensible.

I'd still try the boiler descaler, it dissolves some things better than DS-40, though that's pretty good.

There's not too much rhyme and reason with boiler noises!

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