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23 Sep 2013
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United Kingdom

We have a quote for the Burford Cream Gloss range from Howdens. The quote for 17 units which includes a larder unit is £6500. They say it is their October sale price.

We have another quote from an independent supplier who is quoting £4000 for the same number of units. The kitchen he is supplying is from JJO Colonial range.

We can't understand why the Howdens one is so high and wonder if we are being ripped off? I haven't been able to see much reviews about JJO kitchens, so if anyone has feedback about them I will greatly appreciate it.

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Its down to the shop price, and what price they want to sell it.

Buy a pot of Jam from "Harrods" and it will cost a lot more than a pot of Jam from "Lidl/Aldi" Wheres the "Rip off " there.
JJO are a huge successful company, go with their stuff. See what supply only price is and then look for an independent fitter. Bet you can reduce that price.
On your quote what % have they knocked off next to all the prices ? It may be 50%. This is normal pricing and you are just buying a normally priced kitchen. A contractor will get at least 70% off from howdens.

Go to another howdens and get a quote as well. You need to haggle with these companies to get them down to their base price.
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Just joined the forums today and im getting quite addicted already, I just looked at a shed in the disaster section and It really made me laugh. Anyway!

I run a small kitchen company based in Ripon Yorkshire and we have customers ask the same question all the time. Howdens are extremely expensive as are many kitchen companies. We do all the manufacturing of the kitchen carcasses in house and get the doors direct from the manufacturers in Italy so you are not paying for the middle man (cliche I know).

In my opinion I would say go for the independent supplier as they will most likely be cheaper and could also be better quality!

Use a company that wants to help you, not just get your money :)