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15 Nov 2003
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United Kingdom
I know there has been something similar 2 weeks ago but wanted to know about my particular situation
I want to know the cost of fitting some kitchen worktops.I have 3 worktops to fit.I have 2 worktop lengths of 4 metres.One is a 640mm breakfast worktop. The breakfast worktop is to be cut virtually in half and one half placed straight on the kitchen cabinets.The other half has to be sawn to 600mm,placed on the kitchen units and butted agianst a wall.The other worktop has to be cut to 3.2metres,placed on the kitchen units and butted against a wall.This worktop has to have cutouts for a gas hob and sink.
The reason i am using 4 metre worktops is that this particular worktop only comes in 3 and 4 metres lengths and the salesman advised me that it would save me money rather than getting 3 worktops which have to be cut them to length anyway which makes sense.Anyway cutting 2 of the worktops seem straight forward to me and there are no mitre joints involved.(although they are too long for me to safely handle).
Anyway is £100 to do the lot unreasonable and i shouldn't think it would take all day.
God knows how you cut 4 metres though i suppose you saw it just of the ground or between horses.
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jelly said:
Anyway is £100 to do the lot unreasonable and i shouldn't think it would take all day.
Very reasonable to me.
Hope I'm not to late to be of any use, only just discovered this site.

You cannot handle a 4 metre worktop on your own, it's too heavy.
You cut it good side down, with a circular saw, starting from the bull nose.
Unless you are very good at hand sawing would not advise it. When sawing both parts need to be supported ( not just balanced), 4 horses are favorite.
Most kitchen fitters can earn very good money, I would not do your job for £100 (no doubt a lot would), I would charge £150 and as I'm turning work away I must have got the pricing about right.
I fit kitchens (amongst other things) but I don't fit worktops (unless they are short, straight lengths). As far as I'm concerned, this is a specialised skill, requiring special jigs and things (which I don't have), a good degree of physical strength (which I don't have but can assist with), the confidence to cut into someone else's large and expensive piece of laminate (which I don't have), and requiring the fitter to provide some sort of guarantee that joints won't leak (which I would prefer someone else to do). Therefore, I use the services of specialist fitters to fit worktops.

I would expect to pay between £100 and £150 for the job you describe, and I would expect the quality of finish to be reflected in the price within that range.
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exteremly resonable, i'm have two worktops fitted, admittedly to an existing kitchen, and so requiring some dismantling, refitting etc. This is going to cost £400 excluding the worktops themselves, count yourself lucky. The first quote I got to fit the worktops was over £800, which I thought was a "little" over the top!
What dismanteling & refitting are you having done?
Just had one of those fancy (the one with the worktop jig)cuts and he cut the worktop to size too. £25. Great job.

No messing, arrived on time, did the job and b******d off. My kind of tradesman.
There are a couple of display units that sit on top of the old worktop which have to be removed, the plumbing is all fixed copper piping that is at the wrong height so needs braided pipes fitted instead (or cutting to the correct size), the list goes on a bit, slightly dpressing as the kitchen is less than 4 years old :cry: .
I had an L-shaped worktop replaced.

The fitter removed the old one, unplumbed the sink, put in a new oven housing, cut holes for sink and hob and did one of the fancy mitres. Remarkable neat job.

Took him most of the day and cost me £200.
I too have decided to get professionals to fit my work top, and after a bit of shopping about found a company who have quoted a competitive price.

I have booked them and they will be doing the work shortly. However, I was wondering what I should do if they c*ck it up? What come back do I have? Should I not pay them immediately after the work, or should I pay them and take it up with the company at a later date?

Ever the pessimist I'm just getting a bit worried (some of the horror stories you read on here don't help either, albeit most of them are from people tackling the worktops themselves).
If it's worrying you that much ask them before they start the work, would they replace in the event of a muck up.

If the worse happens do not pay any money until THEY have replaced & fitted the tops.

Most of the kitchen companies I have done work for, would expect the fitter to pay for replacment tops should he do them wrong.
I have allready confirmed with them that they'll be using jigs/routers sealing ends etc etc before I booked them.

I'm probably not that concerened just thinking pre-warned is pre-armed (or whatever that expression is)?

But thanks anyway fitter I'll clarify everything with him before he starts (best get swotting up on my diplomacy skills).

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