knocking pipe

2 Oct 2009
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United Kingdom
I regularly get a knocking noise from my mains cold water pipe. It isn't loud, it is a tap, tap, tap sound rapidly repeating. It continues for maybe 20-30 seconds and then stops; it then repeats after anything from 1 - 30 minutes and this can contiune for some time. Then suddenly you don't hear it for hours. Often the tapping sound is relatively early morning 6 - 10:00. The tapping starts and stop for no apparent reason i.e. haven't run a tap, used the loo or anything - just sitting quietly and then it suddenly starts. My guess is that is something that starts it from outside the house. All my taps and toilets are fed from the mains and there is a CWS tank in the loft that feeds to the HW and feeds to the CW for the bath. I fitted a check valve on the ball cock in the tank in case the surface of the water was causing the float to vibrate - no change. Any ideas?? Thanks[/b]
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sorry for the wee hijack kevc11!!

any changes or alterations to pipework recently

could be a deadleg somewhere
hour to go then 8 and half hour session :LOL: wish i had not promised mate i would look at his boiler in morning :cry:

OP Case of detective work find where its nocking and clip or pack pipes away from each other. As for cause god knows
Hi guys, no problem with the Hi-jack - enjoy. Definately not heating pipes or HW pipes and no recent changes to pipework. As I have done all the plumbing in the house (except heating) some years ago I know that there are no dead legs.
Hi guys, no problem with the Hi-jack - enjoy.

yev got a vodka drinking scotsman
a loony english man
and a plastic yank full of broon ale

theres gotta be a joke there somewhere

should be fun ;)

ok daft question any laminate floors recently :idea:
That what im oan aboot glesga, Hid some pelters in ma time but to be called English is just taking the pish too far.
I`m only down here on missionary work educating the natives trouble is its a far bigger job than first envisaged :LOL:

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