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25 May 2008
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United Kingdom
In yet another shocking - but expected - tactic from the Labour Party, a leaflet has been issued by that party in a by-election in Melton (Leicestershire) which actually lists the names of all those who signed the BNP candidate’s nomination papers.

“This was done yesterday in a deliberate and calculated attempt to intimidate local residents and is almost unheard of in British politics.” Said Simon Darby, deputy BNP leader, in his response to the news.

This tactic has however failed, as all of those who signed the forms have reported back that the Labour Party “can go to hell.” One signatory added “This just shows exactly what type of people we are dealing with, and I am proud to be associated with the BNP which will put an end to a party which tries such desperate tactics.”

Meanwhile it has emerged that in the by-election in Maldon (Essex) last week, a Labour stalwart contested the seat under the “independent” banner, showing that the party of government is in such a dire situation that they are actually ashamed to use their party name on the ballot paper.

This tactic of Labourites standing as “independent” is now being rolled out across the country, with the latest example being in Shrewsbury. Serial Labour candidate, Ioan Gruffydd Jones, is standing as an “independent” in the forthcoming Pimhill by-election to be held later this month.

A message to the Labour Party and Labour supporters:

You people are a dying breed, your pandering to immigrants & blatant traitorous behaviour has sealed your fate.
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