Lack of Planning Permission - Extension on Ground Floor Maisonette

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As the "extension" doesn't form part of the original lease, and hasn't been incorporated into the lease, and you haven't been asked to sign a new lease incorporating the unauthorised extension, he has no right to ask you to do the repairs in order to fix the leaks into it, but as it's the existing structure that's leaking, and not the unauthorised extension, then you are obliged to maintain the structure of the property, so you're stuck I'm afraid. The question becomes, can you defer the repairs, as you are being asked to do them for an immoral reason.

The question now become, exactly where the leaks are, and what's the cheapest way if fixing them. How does a fibreglass pan on your balcony sound.
I better hope I'm right! :mrgreen:

Existing Balc.jpg
Before Extension

after Balc.jpg
After Extension
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I better hope I'm right! :mrgreen:

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Before Extension

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After Extension
Great attempt FMT, nearly. The block is recessed for the width of the balcony so that the front face of the balcony is flush with the block and the only bit proud of the block is the pitched polycarbonate sheeted roof (which you have shown) of the ground floor extension. That is on one side of the block and on the other side is just the balcony with a recess/patio area below as the other side does not have an extension on the ground floor. Your pictures are right in that the balconies runs about a third of the way along the side of the building going out from the centre line of the building just that you have only shown one side of the block (two maisonettes). That's just a fact, not a criticism ;)

Doggit, the neighbour reckons water is coming through cracks where my balcony railings are embedded in the balcony floor. What's a fibreglass pan on the balcony look like? thanks

Why do you say that I am doing the repairs for an immoral reason?
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Sorry Goody, it's the other guy thats asking you to do unnecessary repairs for an unauthorised extension, and I thinks that's a bit questionable - immoral may not have been the best word to use.

If the leaks are coming from where the railings are bedded in to the balcony, then you may be able to scrape round the base of the rails, and then use some silicone sealant. If the cracks are over the structure, but it's still safe and sound, then you could lay fibreglass matting over the balcony, and stop any water going through to his extension. Have a look on youtube for fibre glass flat roof.
A fibgreglass roof isn't going to be very durable if the OP wants to do this on it


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