Landing and hall light circuit problem.

8 Nov 2010
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United Kingdom
Have single switch on landing upstairs and downstairs that switches on hall and landling light at the same time. In error cut cable upstairs which joins to ceiling rose in hallway and reconnected it "correctly" in 20amp junction box, however landline and hallway light stopped working. When looked in ceiling rose there was 1 red wire connected to the Blue Neutral side and 2 black wires joined together not connected to anything and also 1 red wire not connected to anything, and no wire apart from light brown wire connected to neutral. Tried connecting wires back up, however unsure where go to ie live, neutral or other. Have got 4 cables coming into the ceiling rose, containing 2 red wires and 2 black wires, other wires are earth green wires. At moment have wired the two black wires and red wire into the neutral and the downstairs swich switches on the hall light however does not switch on the upstairs landing light like it should. The landing switch does not do anything now. Any suggestions? The hall switch has 1 red and 2 black wires coming into it and the landing switch has 2 red and 1 black coming into it. Need to get both landing and hall switch to operate as 1 ie switch both lights on at same time or off.
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Call an electrician out - will only cost you an hours labour and you'll know it'll be done safely!
Why has your phone stopped working?

Is the power supply to your cordless run off the upstairs lighting circuit?

If "ALL" you have done is snip one cable and you have reconnected it but things are not working as they were before, then you must have reconnected something incorrectly.
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Hi have added photos Switch with 1 red wire is hall light switch and 1st ceiling rose picture is landine ceiling rose. You will note the blue wire on the 2nd ceiling rose, this is connected to the two black wires which were joined together.
Also found out the power is coming from the upstairs light circuit and not downstairs light circuit.

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If as you say all you have done is cut the cable and reconnected it correctly, and the light was working previously - then either you have not reconnected the cable correctly or you have done more work than you are saying.

From your photographs the wiring in both the switches and ceiling roses are showing too much copper (earth unsleeved) and the insulation around the conductors is horribly chopped. You also have a huge nick on the brown pendant cable in the first ceiling rose.

You also appear to have picked up a blue cable in ceiling rose 2 (I assume this is a switch live) but where does it come from? Have you got other connections somewhere linked through a jb?
This is a link to wiki and two way lighting
This is how it should be setup for a single light.

To control two lamps from two switches you add a length of cable from the ceiling rose(1) shown to the other ceiling rose(2). At ceiling rose(1) connect the brown cable to the switch live terminal and at ceiling rose(2) connect the brown cable to the terminal with the brown pendant cable.
Put the neutral and earth conductors in their respective terminals.

It may well be that the cables in your switches and ceiling roses do follow this diagram (albeit with different colours and using 2 core instead of 3) but to try and diagnose that from a photo is near impossible.
Unless you feel confident in trying to find where each cable goes with the help of a mulitmeter I would suggest you call in an electrician.
regarding the bluie wire in the ceiling rose 2 - this is attached to the two black wires which were joined together, due to them being so short, put the blue link cable in. Picked up on the abrasion on the brown wire when looked @ photos this morning.
regarding the wires that were cut, they 100% definatly joined back together correct way.. Think what has happened is when I have been joining them back together this has pulled the 2 black wires and the 1 red wire out of the connection in the Hall ceiling rose, however without knowing which part they go back in I am stuck.

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