lead pipe to copper

29 Nov 2010
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Mid Glamorgan
United Kingdom
HI hope someone can help

im a competent plumber but have done no work on lead pipe.

i own a house that i rent out it has an out house that has water to it coming from a lead pipe and is then conected to copper pipe my problem is that i have a serious leak from this connection i have turned water off but have never connected lead to copper does any one have any tips on rectifying this.
can lead be soldered to copper
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What type of fitting is it?

Is it one of these?

If so have you tryed nipping it up? Undoing it and trying some jointing compound?

You are only allowed to join lead to copper by a proprietry fitting, something that sperates the 2 metals, so using a soldering method wouldn't be sufficient.

If you want to put a new connection on, look at a Leadloc
one of these is fitted now but it has just pulled of off the lead pipe completely.
allowing water to to pour every where still there are some nice ice sculptures forming i have turned water of for tonight, when i had a look the lead pipe has ptfe tape around it some potcher as we call them done here universally known as cowboy

THANKS for the quick responce
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I advise a new Leadloc fitting then.

You can file the lead pipe if it makes for a better fit or you need to file any crud off it.

You don't need ptfe on these, you just need a good pair of adjustables and preferably a stilly as the lead side needs to be MEGA tight!
Had similar problem. Felt like a muppet when I didn't know the weight of the lead pipe though. Measure the outside diameter.
Or just solder a bit of copper pipe in.

Wait for it...................................

down to the local plumb shop tomorow crack of sparrows

only been on this site a few days but its tops
thanks again

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