Leak from toilet pan to waste

7 May 2006
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United Kingdom
I've got a leak from where the toilet pan goes into the waste pipe. What is the best sealant to seal this in situ? Would silicone sealant be best?
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Silicon seal would be fine, you may need to to use one that will work on wet surfaces as you may struggle to get it completely dry.
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Sellotape :idea: :LOL: :LOL:

Anyway op, you'll have to forgive seco - he's a professional who for some obscure reason wants to give professional advice to achieve professional solutions. How misguided, eh?
Buy a new pan connector, take the toilet out and refit properly. You can reuse the old pan connector if you want but it might be a little chocolatey.
The question asked was what's the best sealant to seal a leaking pan connector in situ, nothing else.
The question asked was what's the best sealant to seal a leaking pan connector in situ, nothing else.
Noone's criticising your response. If the question had asked what was the best thing to do, you will no doubt have advised the op to get a replacement connector. ;)
Exactly, but if there having to ask that question in the first place they probably not able to remove it. Plus typing on my bberry is a pain so the quickest response is the best, big fingers and all. :)
dextrous as you know they always end up coming back or having to get someone in as the bodge was worse job than when they started.

I don't have the expertise to do this myself. If I call a plumber out, we all know what they charge and they always make a mountain out of a molehill - Oooh! (sharp intake of breath) that needs replacing this needs replacing, the pan has got to come out, the floor's got to come up, the tiles have got to come off.

I just want to try sealing it as a first resort and if that doesn't work I will have to call out a plumber. So if someone can just advise me of the best sealant for the job then I won't bother you anymore. Thanks.
A tube of Fernox LSX from a plumbers shop - works with a wet surface :idea: - and you don`t need a mastic gun etc. PS. that`s Gas Fitters that do the breath thing - Plumbers wee in your basin when you`re not looking :eek: :mad:
Buy yourself a new pan connector

Make sure it is seating properly by having a level pan and the soil pipe has a little play so you can position the pan connector "squarely" and it won't leak .

Take your time.

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