Leaking window - what is this part called please?

27 Dec 2006
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United Kingdom

I have a leaking UPVC double glazed bathroom window. The gasket has been changed on frame plus window, and all adjustments made so it's closing as tight as possible at present, but not tight enough.

It originally had a flipper gasket, but this was changed for bubble, so wondering if that could be a contributing factor?

I have noticed that this particular window is missing a few metal (brackets?) things that the locks pull against to tighten that section of the window. It's missing two compared to other same sized windows in the house. I'm not sure what this are called, but included a picture. Can someone confirm what they are called please? I've googled everything I think they might be called in order to purchase, but haven't found them as yet.

This is my bedroom window, same size as bathroom window.
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This is the part missing from bathroom window, along with another on top of the frame.
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This is the bathroom window with the new bubble gasket that replaced the original flipper gasket. As you can there is a big gap between gasket and top of frame. Could this be an issue?
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The locks have been turned so that when closed, the windows pulls against these metal brackets tighter, and the bottom left hinge has been adjusted to the max also (pulling window closer to frame). So other than adding the extra metal brackets, is there any other adjustments that can be made please?

Thank you
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Hi DHFrames

Yeah I can confirm there is. I'm no expert but problem is that the window is not sealing properly, so ever with the drip, when it rains heavy, water is still able to get in (and lots of it).
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After further investigating I now know why the keeps are missing... and that is because for some reason the locks stop short on this window, effectively only covering the right and don't run along the top or the bottom at all. I'm guessing the locks can be extended?

Is it normal practice to use bubble gasket in place of a flipper for windows, as this has left a gap as seen in the picture above? Should I have this replaced again for flipper do you reckon?

Waiting for repair man to call me back to arrange a visit, so he should be able to identify the problem then, but at least I'm a bit more clued up now, thank you.

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