leaky new shower enclosure (glass/trim area outside)

6 Feb 2014
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United Kingdom
apologies if this is in the wrong forum

I have a new shower enclosure that was installed by a plumber but as the plumber is away on holiday for a few weeks I need a solution now

For some reason this new shower enclosure leaks around where the window glass area meets the gold metal trim part at the bottom right hand side of the picture.

This happens on the same part on the other side of the enclosure too. Im guessing is must be an installation issue rather than a problem with the parts

Does the outside of the glass where it meets the gold trim need to be silicone sealed? From what I can see there is no seal on the outside atall. Is this why the water comes out?

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How long ago was the enclosure installed? There looks to be some dark staining already along the sealant at the bottom and below the pivot, indicating that this has been in place for some length of time.

However I suspect your leak is not an installation problem as the door/glass seal is part of the manufacture, not the installation process. Are you sure the water isn't leaking UNDER the door as there looks to be a light area near the pivot point where water could be passing the bottom door seal?
Hi there

Sorry im writing this for a friend who needs it answered and they sent the wrong picture! Will get the correct pic and re-load it tonight.

They were wondering is the glass part which connects to the frame usually sealed on the outside? Its a victoria plumb shower.
Most glass to frame seals are done as the frame is built around the glass. Some just use silicon, others use a gasket to form the seal. Either way, it is part of the assembly process, not installation.

I did have my doubts about the picture, hence the questions :confused:
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Cheers for the reply.

I know theres no pic yet but u reckon he should just go ahead and silicon the outside frame/glass bit with clear silicon?

I think he doesnt want to redo anythin like sending the whole thing back if its a manufactuter problem.
I think it should be sealed on the inner edge rather than outer, to stop the water penetrating in the first place. Otherwise water could collect in the bottom frame member and leak out at corners. However trying to fix it themselves may not work, but having messed around with silicon etc they will have no hope of recourse to the supplier.

If it leaks I'm puzzled why they wouldn't want to fix it properly by returning to the supplier as it's their responsibility if the door isn't up to standard.
Is the enclosure sealed internally along the base of the enclosure to the tray?

Nope its not sealed internally

I went and bought unibond translucent bathroom sealent. Can/should i go ahead and attempt to seal the exterior of the glass where it meets the metal trim? (where the water leaks out from)

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