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26 Apr 2014
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United Kingdom
Good evening,

Does anyone know the best place to get LED strip light? I'm after quite bright ones so a little specialized.

- CRI 90 warm white LED tape 28.8W

this is what I'm keen on with dimmable drivers which they sell, however the company are helpful but a bit slow with comms, I can't really find the same strip anywhere else.

Any help would be great :)
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The ones you link to seem very good quality at 91.7 lumen per watt. Many don't even tell you some being as low at 40 lumen per watt. My replacement for fluorescent lamp is 2400 lumen over 5 foot a standard fluorescent tube is 5100 lumen for 5 foot so the one you have found is not as bright as a fluorescent tube but brighter than a LED replacement for a fluorescent tube.

It says the only way to dim them is to switch them on and off and adjust the mark/space ratio your not actually making them dimmer but the human eye will perceive them as dimmer. (That is what pulse width modulated [PWM] means).

A piece of 1.2 meters of this led tape has higher brightness than a 5ft fluorescent tube
Not with my calculations fluorescent tube 58W five foot long with a wire wound ballast is rated at 5100 lumen use a HF ballast then add a further 10% and you can even up that using special coatings. But a fluorescent tube tends to dim with age and give out about 90 lumen per watt so these are just about the same output per watt. Anyway 3168 lumen does not anywhere near equal 5100 lumen. But lumen is not as good as it seems to compare lights with. I have found LED lamps seem to give out more light per lumen than CFL as to if this is due to way measured or manufacturers being over optimistic I can't say.

It warns you need a heat sink in fact they are better than most telling you all about them. Can't see why you need to ask them anything about them they have not missed much out.
Yes I can't find anything to match that strip. I'm just waiting for the final price, hopefully hear soon.

They suggested a place to get the aluminium bar, which I will do.

Thanks very much for confirming their quality.

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They don't really have the light output required, I'm aiming to light a room completely and also be able to dim it down.
Don't forget that LED elements with a high lumens per watt are likely to have a shorter life time and / or their light output will fade sooner than other lower output LED elements will fade.
30W with 1500 lumen that's just 50 lumen per watt against the 91.7 lumen per watt for the ones hankmarvin has linked to. I would consider below 70 lumen per watt as decoration rather than lighting. There are some very poor LED light strips output wise which have changing colours etc. If one wants decoration these are great, but if after lighting then not so good.

I remember years ago having a fluorescent tube which was held in place with clips and the power connection was with a loose connector. I hated them as always worried about breaking glass with the Terry clips. However with the new plastic LED replacement for the fluorescent tube I have been wondering about using them as under counter lighting using Terry clips and an end box to make the electrical connection. What put me off the idea was the possibility some one could replace the tube the wrong way around causing a direct short. Really does required connection both ends of the tube in case fitted wrong way around.

However with no ballast or starter fittings designed for LED tubes could be much closer to the ceiling there is no need for the box section and there is room for a more stylish fitting based around the new tubes.

30,000 hours seems a long time, but where lights are required most of the day it is still only around 6 years (assuming switched off at bed time) and the idea of fitting lights which need replacing every 6 years which are not simply a bulb change kind of goes against the grain.
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I'm thinking the dimmer doesn't need to be one of the more expensive LED specific dimmers, as I'll be dimmer the driver rather than the LED, thoughts?
My thoughts are that were it me I would find out before I ordered anything if sticking a normal dimmer onto the driver would actually work, and that the driver would not "adjust" to the lack of volts.

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