2 Dec 2005
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Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
At work yesterday and there's a young lad who works with me, ( doing loft conversions, ps it's the boss's grandson ) and he fell through the ceiling, well one leg did :LOL: we had put new floor joist down but not new flooring yet, and we had some off-cuts left over and placed them on the floor too walk on but they spanned 3 joist with a few inches to spare ( 5 ) he only stood on the 5 inch bit and fell through the plaster board ceiling :LOL: i wouldn't mind if it was where the stair well is going, but it was in the living room :oops: :LOL: everyone saw the funny side of it ( thank fook ) lol
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hardly a DIY disaster.. sounds like a professional "f" up..

i once put my foot through a rotten mezanine floor.. it was in a tyre recycling depot.

i was following my ( somewhat lighter ) mate when I found a "soggy bit" and one leg dissapeared up to my nuts.. hurt like hell...
there was a worker underneath who got my foot on his head too... not a good day.
I was in the Swiss alps a few years ago on a mountaineering course, ther instructor told me not to step on any small hole in the snow or ice as they probably lead to crevasses which could swallow me whole, so I didn't step on any small holes.

However as we were walking to a lodge I put my foot down and my leg disapeared up to my thigh, 3 inches from a small hole!!! :eek:

Needless to say I got a bollcking for messing around......no pleasing some people :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
A friend's house is split-level, with a door leading to attic space above the lower level.

His new 'other half' one day decided to find out what was behind that mysterious door that no-one ever opened.. and arrived on the living-room sofa amid a shower of plaster dust, to the amazement of those watching TV in the room. :eek:

She was incredibly lucky to fall through over the only soft object below, and the only thing hurt was her pride.

Think this illustrates the point that we take a lot for granted in terms of our own savvy, and that when considering safety aspects we need to think in terms of someone with zero DIY knowledge. A lock would have been sensible, but I guess the need never occurred to anyone.
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on a roof one day with my partner (in a valley,slope either side) when he took a few steps back to admire our work and disapeared down the open skylight to land on the floor below in a cloud of dust.i was bent double with laughter on finding out he was ok. just goes to show what a dangerous job building can be. :LOL:

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