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Lemona dishwasher

Discussion in 'Appliances' started by coltmanneil, 17 Oct 2020.

  1. coltmanneil


    31 Oct 2005
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    United Kingdom
    I have just had to change my lemona 8301 out as it was 7 years old and leaking terrible so I replaced it to a 8303 with howdens advice as the 8301 is no longer made .
    The installation went ok apart from adjusting the feet so the door panel was running true with the rest of my kitchen units.
    On start up everything went well on a quick 30 minute cycle and eventually finished and I thought that was it .
    Until the mrs noticed water had been dripping at the left hand side of the door front !! When I opened the dishwasher door I could see the sides of my units were covered in condensation dripping as well so we established this where the water had come from . This is a intergrated dishwasher but was never a problem with the LAM8301 .
    I can tell you we put a spirit level on the front on the dishwasher and it was spot on , although when I did this at the sides it is running a little down , so the water would not be sitting at the door and coming over seal.
    I did notice on this dishwasher there is no side seals compared to the 8301 but I’ve never suffered from condensation before like this .
    So we know the drain is fitted ok and machine is sitting and positioned ok !!
    Is there anyone on here that knows what could be the problem here ?
    The dishwasher is brand new and main door seal looks ok.
    The door also is clicking shut so we know nothing is fowling it .
    Advice appreciated if anyone can think of anything else.
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