Levelling a new shower stone resin shower tray!

14 Mar 2006
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West Glamorgan
United Kingdom
I am finally going to install the stone resin shower tray in my new bathroom this weekend. It will be installed on tongue and groove boards (well screwed down). When I have asked questions on here about securing it before, the general reply was to use silicone not cement, but when I put the tray on the flooring and chequed the levels yesterday, they were way out. Is there a clever way to sort out the levels and still use silicone or should I just go with cement??? There are no man. instructions with it so dont know what is best to do.

One idea I had was to lay some cement/ mortar (whatever it is called) ont the tongue and groove, lay the tray on top, level it, then remove the tray again so that the impression is left making a sort of seat. Once the cement is dry put silicone on the top and then secure the tray to this. Does this sound ok or just plain stupid?????
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Not that stupid ;) How about using levelling compound..cement based........mixed up not too runny and spread all over where the tray will sit........no gaps or hollows in compound...place tray on....then leave to set :idea:
Just remember you have TWO objectives:
- get the thing level and stable,
- make sure it's fitted according to manufacturer's directions.

AFAIK, most of the resin trays recommend laying on a layer of weak mortar mix to take out any unevenness in the base, otherwise the thing might crack.

Whether this method is 'ideal' or 'convenient' or 'best' doesn't actually matter. Following maker's advice means you'll get a replacement; otherwise not! For practical purposes, cementitious levelling compound probably counts as 'cement' as far as this goes. BUT if you use a runny liquid, you have to stop it running out hole left for the trap. If you use cement you can maybe fit the trap first - which reduces the leak possibilities later.

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